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Breeks Cafe | Penang Restaurant

It has been 3 yrs since the last time I’ve visited Breeks Cafe @ Gurney Plaza. I only remember one thing about it which is the serving portion is very big.

This time I visited the branch at Qbay. It was Friday night and not much people were sitting in the cafe.

We ordered 2 main course and one drink which is Goldilock Freeze. It’s a mock cocktail which means no alcohol. It tasted like mango yogurt to me with some jelly thingy inside it.

I ordered Baked Dory glazed with Lime Chili Sauce. This is available in a set (come with a soup). The price is even cheaper by RM1 compare to the ala carte. So, I’ve ordered the set instead of ala carte. As for ala carte, a scoop of ice cream will be given as a complimentary.

The serving size is very big consist of a big piece of dory fish and a medium portion of spaghetti with some vegetables. It’s less oily which is a very healthy dish. The fish is very tender with no fishy smell. As spelled in the dish name, lime chilli sauce were used. This make the fish very appetising.

As for BBQ Half Chicken with Smoked BBQ Sauce, this is only available in ala carte. The half chicken is served with some butter rice and garden salad. This taste is okay. The breast meat is too dry to me even though I like breast meat.
The soup was served last. Hmm.. weird.. I suppose the soup should be served first? It’s just a normal borsch soup. I thought they would serve cream soup. This soup taste normal only. Anyway, it’s free. Hehe


  1. JeromeFo??? says:

    The BBQ Half Chicken with Smoked BBQ Sauce looks great!
    Got butter rice somemore!
    Great post Allie =)


  2. Allie says:

    The portion real big… can share for 2.


  3. PenangTuaPui says:


    nice shot.. the photo is nice…

    we dun have good experience with them, and that’s the reason we din post about them at PenangTuaPui.


  4. J2Kfm says:

    Breeks Cafe, so familiar lah … near Sega Fredo ah?
    never tried their food b4.


  5. Allie says:

    penang tua pui,
    Can share with me the not good experience you have with them ? So that I can be alert too.

    Near Sega Fredo? Do you mean the branch at Gurney? I think it’s somewhere near coffee bean.


  6. cariso says:

    Ya, initially when Qbay is opened, this is one of those ‘blacklisted’ restaurants. Now perhaps it’s time to re-visit. :)


  7. Allie says:


    Seems like this shop has a bad name… Hehe..
    Can share your bad experience with me?


  8. popey says:

    actually, it is really quite different Breeks in term of quality of food compared to Breeks in Gurney..based on my experience, i prefer Breeks in Gurney the most! The food there are really great. If this is your 1st visit, i recommend you to go to Breeks @ Gurney..You will be happy with the serving there.


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