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Ribs – Thumbs up except… | Penang Restaurant

It was raining cats and dogs that Friday night and we were hunting for dinner. Our planning was Miyako Izakaya which was located at Penang Road but the parking is not convenient at all. I’m sure we’ll be drench in that heavy rain. So, changed plan again.

Round and round we went, and we came to Ribs. There’s a spot for parking just right outside the restaurant, so we delay no more and decided to dine there.

Once we got our car parked, there’s a waiter came out with umbrella to guide us into the restaurant without getting wet. OMG! Good impression.

Once we are seated in the non-smoking area, the waiter produced us with menu. He showed his uttermost good manner when he served us all the way through our dinner. Good impression again!

To avoid being stuffed until too full, we decided to order one appetizer, one main course and one drink to share among 2 of us.

Quesadillas – very hard to pronouce. It’s a thin crust pastry stuffed with some cheese, tomato, lettuce and ham. It tasted so appetizing and it’s packed with all those ingredients. Yummy dish!

Quesadillas 1

Quesadillas 2

We ordered a combo of BBQ ribs and chicken as our main course. It contain 3 pcs of ribs and 1 pcs of drumstick. The ribs is very tender and the BBQ sauce taste just right. I prefer the ribs and then chicken.
BBQ Chicken and Chicken Combo

Ice blended cappuccino – Taste good. Coffee taste is thick enough.

Ice blended cappuccino

After the main course, my mouth is icthy for dessert. Hehe… At first I planned to order a moist chocolate cake, but the waiter recommend Medley of Desserts to us. According to him, there are 3 types of desserts in this Medley thing.

When the dessert was served, I was shocked to see the size of it. It was like the food served in Alice in Wonderland. So tiny.

Dessert 1Forgot the name for this. But taste bad. The egg is so hard.

Dessert 2

A mini version of the moist chocolate cake. It’s just one mouthful big. Another surprise for me when I put the cake into my mouth. It tasted warm… I think they must have preheat the cake in a oven before it was served. The cake is hard. Taste bad again.
moist chocolate cake

Lastly, it’s a sago gula melaka dessert. But I can’t recall the exact name of it. There are 3 layers in this dessert, vanilla ice-cream, gula melaka and sago (from top to bottom). The opening of the ‘tube’ is so small that you can’t even dig the small spoon into it. End up we need to pour the sago out. Taste wise- *thumbs down*

sago gula melaka dessert The desserts was disaster!
p/s: UOB credit card member can get a 10% discount off the ala carte meal.


  1. Pete says:

    Yummym juicy bbq ribs. I love them!


  2. cariso says:

    Total of the bill?


  3. Lingzie says:

    aiyoh…really too bad about the dessert. think the egg dessert is called creme caramel which is usually soft and smooth.
    i love places that serve mini desserts so we can try more varieties…but unfortunately from your review they were not up to par. :(


  4. Little Inbox says:

    Too bad for not having a “happy ending” hor?


  5. Allie says:

    The BBQ ribs is really nice!

    Total damage around RM80 (after discount)

    Oh ya… creme caramel.

    Little Inbox,
    Yalor.. sad.. .T_T


  6. ck lam says:

    The Quesadillas looks nice especially so when it comes in a thin crust.


  7. Duckie says:

    its a pity the dessert didn’t taste that good. they look good on the photo though. i always likes dessert more than main course!!!


  8. JeromeFo ??? says:

    So “highclass” all the foods
    Muz go “dig” it out when i come back…


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