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Loh Han Guo Drink | Penang Dessert


Recently the weather is so hot and I’m stuffing myself with too much fried and grilled stuffs. End up I am having a sorethroat.

Wouldn’t it be excellent to have something chilling and cooling to run down your throat in a hot sunny day?

Let me introduce to you the ‘loh han guo in a bowl’ at 7th road market aka 7 tiao lor ban san.

Loh Han Guo Stall

Loh han guo in a bowl which cost RM 2 per bowl is an execellent thrist quencher in a hot sunny day. Loh Han Guo 1The loh han guo drink consist of some dried longan, canned longan, canned lychee and some jelly strips. This loh han guo drink is not too sweet and cold enough to sooth your throat.
Loh Han Guo 2


  1. cariso says:

    Last time one bowl of luo han guo only less than RM1…now is RM2..*sigh!*


  2. Little Inbox says:

    Oh, this one looks like a dessert rather than a normal luo han guo drink hor?


  3. Food Promotions says:

    I use to eat Luo Han guo from the Tin. Easily available in the supermarket and it has lots of flavours too.


  4. lewis says:

    The one at Petaling Street in KL is also yummy…but dunno how much is it now


  5. email2me says:

    Wah this is more expensive than the Petaling Street one ….. And look so diluted. The one in Petaling street are so pure with winter melons, longan and buddha fruit with rock sugar.


  6. Allie says:

    Ya. Nowadays price goes up for everything. sad…

    Little Inbox,
    Ya. It’s slightly different from a normal luo han guo.

    Food Promotions,
    Luo Han guo from tin? Something new to me..

    The one at PJ street is longan drink rite?

    It’s been very long time since the last time I tasted the one at PJ street.


  7. penangite says:

    last time it was 50cents then increased to 60 cents..thats for cup and take away..for bowl it has been 2bucks for some time..I stay just opposite the market..should have tried the cocoa drink as well..its quite nice..


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