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Comment posting error

Since my post of sambal koay teow, I received no comment. I was thinking, maybe my post is not attractive enough? Or maybe I’ve lost all my readers?

So, I checked my statistic. Hmm… I did have visitors… but why no comment? Must be my post not interesting enough huh…

Ok, let me post another review. Hmm… no comment still.

Few hours later I received a few messages in my chatter box from Little Inbox and Cariso saying that they are not able to post comment in my blog.

So, I checked my comment settings.
1. Comments = Show (Ok)
2. Who can comment – Anyone (Ok)

Hmm… like this should be no problem right. So, I asked help from Huat Koay (PenangTuaPui).
Then I realised that few days ago, I did change a setting which is Comment Form Placement. I changed from Full page to Embedded below post. I thought Embedded below post mean the comment will appear at the end of my post. Yalor… I keh gao gao lo…

According to Huat Koay, if I want to change the setting to Embedded below post, I need to change some of the code. Hehe… I know nothing about the html code… So, next time I better don’t pandai pandai go change this and that. :-p

Anyway, now anyone can post a comment in my blog d. It’s back to normal. Hooray!


  1. Penang Tua Pui says:

    ok.. now I can comment…..

    haha.. who dare to not leave comment ler….


    your side is amazing and we foresee u will be another great flogger of PENANG….


  2. Pete says:

    Oh, no wonder I have problem trying to post comment on your Sambal kueh teow posting.


  3. Little Inbox says:

    Phew…..replied your comment on my blog, hoping you’re see it asap. Then I went to your profile to find your email, but none. And…finally I saw the chat box, so I think you should be able to see my message lor…


  4. ck lam says:

    No worries la…now CK also can comment alreay :)


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