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Frog Porridge @ Sin Geylang | Penang Food

Sin Geylang… Am I bringing you to Singapore to eat the Singapore Geylang famous frog porridge? No… Don’t misunderstood me. This Sin Geylang is located at Penang Island which also serve tasty frog porridge.

Sin Geylang Don’t expect to have the frog cook with the porridge. The frog and porridge are serve separately.

The porridge is so smooth and it’s garnished with some spring onion and sesame oil. The sesame oil add some fragrant into the porridge.

Porridge 1 See the texture of the porridge. So smooth. Just the way I like my porridge. I don’t fancy teo chew porridge. :-p

Porridge 2

Kung Po frog in claypot. The frog is cooked in thick gravy with some dried pepper, ginger and spring onion. I like to mix the gravy into my plain porridge, then you’ll feel the umph in your porridge. The frog meat is QQ and smooth.

Kung Po Frog in Claypot

Next is steamed frog with some shredded ginger, chopped garlic, bird chili and kei chi. This dish do not have heavy taste like the kung po, instead it maintain the meat taste with a hint taste of soy sauce, herbs and chili.
Steamed Frog
It’s good to have a hot bowl of porridge in rainy days. It gives you the warmth you need.

This restaurant is located opposite Red Rock Hotel and near to the famous Lye Lye Bah Kut Teh.
Operation hours: 12 pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm (Closed on Wednesday)


  1. ck lam says:

    Would like to try out the steam frog as it is seldom available in most places unlike the claypot frog.


  2. Duckie says:

    wow .. good opportunity to travel and makan!!! btw, cute avatar you have there!!!


  3. PenangTuaPui says:

    is a must try outlet, been there without camera with me… geram…

    will be there for shooting soon….


  4. cariso says:

    Wah…looking at the smooth texture of porridge already lao hao shui…:)


  5. Pete says:

    i love the kung poh style frogs!


  6. JeromeFo ??? says:

    Looks awesome…
    Muz take note of this place
    for future foodz journey =)


  7. Little Inbox says:

    Yea, most bloggers recommend this one in my comments column regarding the frog porridge in Butterworth.


  8. Allie says:

    CK Lam,
    This dish is tasty. You should try is out :-)


    Haha… I thought penangtuapui is always armed with camera?

    Yaya.. the porridge is very smooth. Yummy.

    It’s nice. I luv the spiciness.

    If you need directions, just let me know. :-)

    Little Inbox,
    I think one of the comment is left by me huh?


  9. SimpleGirl says:

    Yea, I agreed with CK, must try the claypot frog….coz it looks so great…and cannot get it everyhwere…I’ve tried a fried frog here in Ipoh, and it’s nice too!


  10. New Kid on the Blog says:

    I’ve been to this store when they first opened… that was before I owned a blog. Looks like I gotta re-visit them again. :)


  11. J2Kfm says:

    oh i had the misconception of Singapore’s Geylang as well. hahhaa
    tot u hunted for food down under.


  12. Steven Goh says:

    wah… nice frog porridge leh. I love to try exotic food. Finally I can come to your site, everytime when wanna click your site it appear to be BibleOnline website. I found your link at Criz’s web :)


  13. Allie says:

    simple girl,
    fried frog? something special ler..

    Same with me. I’ve visited this shop a few times also before I started a blog.

    Hehe.. not so soon to expand my territory.

    Steven Goh,
    Thanks for visiting!
    Huh? link to bible? so weird…


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