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Fried Fish Fillet Bihun | Penang Hawker Food

It was my colleague who introduced this place to me. One of our Singapore counterpart came and this is the place we brought him for breakfast. My Singapore colleague had visited this stall a few times during his previous trips.

Aiyo… I’m so paiseh lo… I’ve stayed in Penang for ~5 years and yet I do not know about this stall. You should really know this stall as they serve the best fried fish fillet bihun I’ve ever tasted.

The mandarin character spelled that they sell fish stomach bihun. After we confronted the stall owner, this was they old stall name. Last time they used to use fish stomach but as times goes by, they change to fish fillet. As there are lots of bones in fish stomach and many people don’t like it.

It’s very easy to locate this stall. It’s located opposite Red Rock Hotel, in the restaurant where at night the very famous Lye Lye Bah Kut Teh operates.

Fried Fish Fillet Bihun Soup Stall This is a bowl of bihun soup with mix ingredients. They are an egg, pig liver, fu chuk, minced pork and fish ball. You can opt for koay teow or maggi mee to replace the bihun.

The fish fillet is served separately. One bite into the fish fillet, you’ll be mesmerized by the crispiness of the batter of the fish. It’s so crispy that you do not want to stop munching on it. The fish meat is tender and without any fishy or muddy smell.

Fried Fish Fillet Bihun 1

I luv to dip the fish into the soup for a while before I bite on it. It’ll add some juicy feeling in the fish and yet the crispiness is maintain. Talking about it already make me drool.

Fried Fish Fillet

They use siakap fish. All have been deboned.
Deboned Siakap Fish See the fish fillet. Lots of them. They are cut into thick pieces.

Deboned Siakap Fish Fillet More pictures to make you drool. Hehe…

Fried Fish Bihun 2

Fried Fish Bihun 3

Fried Fish Bihun 4
I like mine with just minced meat and fried fish fillet. It’s a MUST visit place if you like fish. :-)


  1. KY says:

    ooOo, looks good!


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    Hi Allie, how much they charged? Howz the soup? Looks nice…….


  3. cariso says:



  4. Allie says:

    It taste good too.

    Simple girl and Cariso,
    It cost us around Rm 15 for that meal. If not mistaken, it’s RM 5.50per bowl if I ordered fish and minced meat only.


  5. Little Inbox says:

    har??I mah lagi paiseh? I’m in Penang all these while, haha…


  6. Pete says:

    Wow, yummy, drooling now leh!


  7. Steven Goh says:

    wah…don’t say like that I don’t know got such place too. Make me paiseh also. I always passed by there a few times a day also don’t know got such nice place. Must go try out dee.


  8. Food Paradise says:

    I went there few months back and the fish fillet is very crunchy and yummy. lol (I have done the review too)


  9. Penang Tua Pui says:

    wah… makan time again… lets go and makan……


  10. [...] adequate wok hei. The fried fish fillet just tasted normal. My preferance is still the one in fried fish fillet bihun soup at opposite Red Rock Hotel at Macalister Road which tasted so crispy outside and so tender [...]

  11. gill gill says:

    eh, got map or not ah? is this stall in the corner coffee shop?


  12. PenangTuaPui says:

    wa.. look so delicious too.. mana tempat itu…


  13. allie says:

    Gill Gill,
    Yeap! You are right. It’s the stall in the corner coffee shop. But I passed by this place a week ago and saw the coffee shop is under renovation. No stalls were seen open for business.


  14. [...] So we have to come out with another plan on what to have for our breakfast. My bf suggested the Fried Fish Fillet Bihun Soup at Macalister Road. I immediately agreed as I love the fish there. To our disappointment, we saw [...]

  15. Fried Fish Fillet Bihun @ Macalister Road says:

    1st of all.. i would like to say thank you for your support. Yup.. the coffee shop is under renovationed on that time & bussiness operated on 15/03/09. Bussiness hour : 07:30am – 13.30pm. Offday : Every tuesday.
    Planning to open another Stall / Shop at Kuala Lumpur area.
    Hope all of you will support.. support..


    Allie Reply:

    Fried Fish Fillet Bihun,
    Thanks for updating the info here :) I love your bihun.
    I would like to wish your KL stall a successful one!


    Fried Fish Fillet Bihun @ Macalister Road Reply:

    Thank you very again for your support, ‘ll inform u once it confirm ya..


  16. Iseka says:

    This coffee shop have renovated with the new name of Yummy Delight. The food is as good as I heard. I went there 2x on Dec N Jan. A lot of people are waiting for their turn. Each are given a nos. to wait for thier turn. During these 2 days, I even saw 2 reporters twice. They asked the stall owner, but they are so busy to answer them too. I even heard they asked, “why there are so many people still waiting for their turn and that week is dull month”. All other stalls have no bussiness at that time. But frankly speaking, their food is really very tasty, crunchcy. You must try. to appreciate it. Pricing is reasonable too. They said they are planning to open a new shop in K L too.
    I ‘ve taken a lot of thier picture and shop too.


    Iseka Reply:

    Sori! This coffee shop have renovated with the new name of YUMMY COTTAGE not Yummy Delight.


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