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Dim Sum @ Fun Tea Garden (Re-visited) | Penang Food

During my trip to Hong Kong, I had tasted some delicious dim sum which the taste still linger in my mind. The most memorable one would be the taste of their siu mai. To satisfy my craving for dim sum, I paid my second visit to Fun Tea Garden as I got this RM50 cash voucher from a contest which organized by Criz.

We arrived there around 10++ am, and to my surprise most of the dim sum are sold out. The onwer of the restaurant told us that currently they are having a 50% promotion on the dim sum. The promotion starts at 7.30am. No wonder there’s so little dim sum left when we arrived there. So, the early bird gets to eat the worm, huh?

We were left to very limited choices of dim sum, so we just ordered what’s left.

The loh mai kai taste good. Previously I encountered some glutinous rice which were slightly uncooked. But they’ve improved it where the glutinous rice is very soft.

The porridge taste as good as my previous visit.

Kaya Pau and Tau Sar Pau. I like the kaya pau as it has the pandan kaya filling which is very fragrant. The filling is very generous for both pau.

Kaya Pau and Tau Sar Pau

Fried yam dumpling (wu kok) is too oily.

Fried Yam Dumpling

The big pau taste good with a generous filling. The meat is well marinated.

big pau

fried raddish cake

char siew pastry

We have a short chat with the owner. According to him, they are going to launch a new promotion starting January. He’s going to launch a 3 dishes and 1 soup lunch set for RM 3.50. That sound cheap. Nowadays economic rice is not that economic anymore. A plate of economic rice with 2 veges and 1 meat would cost at least RM4?

50% off for dim sum OR 3 dishes + 1 soup lunch set for RM3.50? Both of this can be obtained at Fun Tea Garden.

I’ll be going back to try out their new set lunch soon.

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  1. cariso says:

    Oh!!! You are the one who won Criz’s contest lah! Wow…the boss is very good in marketing leh, somemore he is kinda open for criticism and feedback. 50% off is indeed attractive. The set lunch price is also attractive leh.


  2. Duckie says:

    happy new year to you and your family!!!


  3. Allie says:

    Ya, the boss is very good in marketing indeed.

    Happy new year to you and your family too !


  4. New Kid on the Blog says:

    happy new year…

    since they only open at night till the next day, normally they will sell the remaining in 50% discount.

    marketing gimmick!! :)


  5. CRIZ LAI says:

    At least you were not disappointed with the second review. The boss is sure receptive of our suggestion. :)
    I hope I can revisit them again soon… kinda retired from taking dim sum at the moment.. I have already eaten too many last year… hehe


  6. Penang Tua Pui says:

    aiks.. free voucher pulak…

    now we can go sapu dim sum liao….


  7. vkeong says:

    Wah, got RM50 voucher to eat dim sum.. so nice. I don’t think I ever spent that much for a dim sum meal unless it’s over 3 people lol. Maybe I should make a trip to the place this coming CNY.. honestly there’s very little dim sum restaurant worth visiting in Penang left now


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