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Young Heart Restaurant | Penang Restaurant

Chinese New Year (CNY) is just 2 weeks away. Many restaurants have already start promoting their CNY dishes which are specially created for this festival.

Young Heart Restaurant too had created some CNY special dishes and I have the opportunity to try them out thanks to CK who invited me to this dinner.

Young Heart Restaurant 1

Steamed dumplings (jiao zhi) and pan fried dumplings (guo tie) are their speciality.

Young Heart Restaurant 2

We were first served with 3 types vege rolls which are Egg Vege Roll, Unagi Vege Roll and Prawn Vege Roll. This vege rolls are pretty similar to the one I’ve tasted at Ms. Saigon. A thin layer of Vietnamese rice paper are used to wrapped the vege and ingredients used.

Being a die hard fan of unagi, I tasted the unagi vege roll. The vegetable is very fresh and somehow it overtake the unagi taste. The unagi does not have strong sweet sauce taste like what we get in Japanese restaurant.
Vietnamese Vege RollsUnagi Vege Roll
There are 3 types of sauces to go with the vege rolls. There are Chinese Style Sauce, Siam Style Sauce and Japanese Style Sauce (clockwise from top).


Next up was Hot & Sour Soup. This soup is quite appetizing. The soup base is slightly thick, similar to shark fin soup base. Preserved vegetable, tofu and come black fungus (wood ear fungus) can be found in this soup.

Hot and Sour Soup

Golden Scallop Dumpling is one of the dishes in the CNY menu. The dumpling skin is made of a mixture of flour and carrot. Therefore, it turned out more yellowish than usual. The dumpling filling which consists of scallop, prawn and pork taste good.

Golden Scallop Dumpling

The sauce to go with the dumpling. There are shredded ginger in vinegar, fried shallots and chili.

Shredded Ginger in vinegar sauce

Fried Shallots and Chili Sauce

Snake Squash with Pork – Don’t get mislead by the dish name ya. There isn’t any snake involve in this dish, else I’ll be 10 feet away.

Snake squash is one kind of gourds. The snake squash taste sweet and it goes well with the pork. The pork is well marinated and smooth.

Snake Squash

This is one of the dish that I like a lot during the night. Cheese & Chicken Guo Tie tasted very good. The amount of cheese is just adequate that it added fragrant to the guo tie but at the same time it won’t left you feeling ‘jelak’ after eating it.

Cheese and Chicken Guo Tie 1

Cheese and Chicken Guo Tie 2

Fried Bean Curd – the tofu texture is soft. The tofu tasted fragrant as the tofu is blended with other ingredients such as anchovies, carrot and chinese celery.

Fried Bean Curd

Stir Fried Mix Vege & Mushroom. The dish is simple and plain but it’s suitable for those who do not like strong taste. The sweetness of the vegetable and mushroom is the selling point of this dish. The mushroom is very fresh, juicy and sweet.

Stir Fried Mix Vege and Mushroom

Prosperous Year in Malaysia is actually the name of the next dish which can be simplified as fried chicken. This is another dish which I like a lot too. The batter consist of lemongrass which added fragrant to the dish. This is my first time to eat fried chicken which have the lemongrass smell and it’s quite special to me.

Prosperous Year in Malaysia

Fried Prawn & Garlic was served next. The batter is very crispy with a hint of garlicky smell which is still acceptable for me. If you were to eat the prawn on its own, it’s a bit too salty. But the taste will be just right when you eat it together with a bowl of white rice.

Fried Prawn and Garlic 1

Fried Prawn and Garlic 2

Sponge Gourd with Pork – This dishes has a strong taste of dong gui (Angelica Sinensis or female ginseng). The pork goes well with the sponge gourd which had absorbed just the right amount of gravy. So no worry that the sponge gourd will taste plain.

Sponge Gourd with Pork 1

Sponge Gourd with Pork 2

This is another of my favourite dish too – Steam Cod & Bean Curd. The cod fish is very smooth and soft that it just melt right in my mouth. Simple method and simple ingredients were used to cook the fish to maintain the original taste of the cod fish.

Steam Cod and Bean Curd

We were served with 3 types of noodles that night. The noodles are handmade by the chef. One of it was vegetarian noodle; Black Jelly Mushroom Fried Noodle. Lots of black fungus, cabbage, carrots and mushroom in this noodle. This noodle tasted plain and sweet. Again, it’s suitable for those who do not like heavy taste food.

Black Jelly Mushroom Fried Noodle

Shredded Pork Noodle – There are lots of minced meat and spring onion to go with the noodle.

Shredded Pork Noodle

Ground Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Noodle – The sauce tasted like ‘ma po‘ tofu to me. This is strictly for those who can bear the spiciness as is tasted very spicy to me.

Ground Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Noodle 1

Ground Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Noodle 2

Chamomile and Chrysantenum tea was served to us. Chamomile is believe to have calming and soothing effect.

Chrysantenum and Chamomile

Young Heart Restaurant got its name from the plant which have a heart shape leaf. The plant is called the Sweetheart Hoya.

Sweetheart Hoya

There are lots of bamboo & greens deco inside this restaurant. It gives me a very comfortable feeling.

Young Heart Restaurant Interior 1A separated room which is very suitable for friends gathering.

Young Heart Restaurant Interior 2

Young Heart Restaurant Interior 3

Young Heart Restaurant Interior 4

Thanks to Ms. Ann Kee for providing a wonderful dinner to us.

Business hour: 12pm – 10pm (Closed on Monday)
Contact: 04 – 228 8084
Hp: 016 – 410 8089

Map for those who are not familiar:

View here for larger map


  1. Food Paradise says:

    wow…. die hard fans of unagi. Like my daughther ah…… nice meeting you too! lol


  2. cariso says:

    Wow! Si fu, your photos are awesome! Hey, I like that single sweetheart yoga pic the most!


  3. Allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    Yea! I always order unagi when I visit Japanese Restaurant.

    hehe… not qualified to be called si fu. But we can definitely share opinions. :)


  4. Steven Goh says:

    all the pictures are fantastic, nice one. Next time teach me how to take photo


  5. vkeong says:

    wow, how many of you were there? That’s A LOT of food you tried lol. Gosh that scallop dumpling and unagi roll seriously look good.
    Seems like more and more bloggers are being invited for food tasting sessions.. a very good sign, we will beat the newspapers one day!


  6. New Kid on the Blog says:

    sigh… when will I be invited for food review by restaurants …. :(

    you guys are great!!!


  7. worldwindows says:

    Snake squash and sponge gourd looks so smooth and good. A good balance those between fried and steamed.


  8. Allie says:

    Some are taken by PTP one. :)

    There are like 12 of us there. It’s a great dinner! And feel very full at the end of it.


  9. Allie says:

    Hope to meet you soon!

    Both of the dishes indeed did balance up the fried stuffs.


  10. gill gill says:

    your photography skill improved alot, guess CS is your sifu huh? :)

    The tofu contained anchovy? its fish, toufu, carrot & celery if im not mistaken. Correct me if im wrong.


  11. desmond-t says:

    Wah another Young Heart review… surely gonna visit there adee since it’s just a walk away from my house LOL


  12. Allie says:

    Gill Gill,
    Yaya. I did learn a lot from CS.
    The tofu do contain anchovy, the small type.

    I’ll be waiting for your review ya. :)


  13. Allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    It’s a comfortable place for gathering with your family or friends.


  14. ck lam says:

    Wow…nice review with all the sharp photos. We definitely ate a lot that night :)


  15. Cokeworld Citizen says:

    So many people for food tasting session. So lau juak…haha can feel the CNY mood d.


  16. Allie says:

    Ya. I were so full when we left the restaurant. Thanks again for thr invitation!

    Cokeworld Citizen,
    CNY is just 2 weeks away nia.. The mood is in the air d…


  17. SimpleGirl says:

    Nice place, good variety of food served, the sauces provided are a lot to suits different tastebud, I am attracted bt the chicken wings and vege wrapped….


  18. J2Kfm says:

    after repeated reviews of this place. i think i can even memorize the food to order if i’m ever there. hahaha …. :)

    very nice shots, btw.


  19. Allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    The chicken wings taste good. Thumbs up.

    haha.. That’s great! You can order without even looking at the menu!
    Thanks for the compliment!


  20. Penang Tua Pui says:

    what a nice review…. keep it up…

    btw.. I am not ur sifu… please help to clarify.. ok?

    I am not master of it yet… no can’t be sifu at all.


  21. CRIZ LAI says:

    Wow… I saw a koala bear clinging there.. hehe. Nice company for the mini gathering huh? where’s all your candid shots.. LOL~


  22. Jo says:

    oh wow .. all this delicious food. I simply cannot tahan already! Great post.


  23. Joie de vivre says:

    Oooh I’m jealous!


  24. sakaigirl says:

    I always pass by Young Heart whenever i visits Qing Huan Tea House.. I’ll sure go there to have a try! Thnx for blogging about it!


  25. allie says:

    Hope you’ll like the food there! :)


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  27. Hong CN says:

    Allie, your food photos are making me drooling! :-)
    .-= Hong CN´s last blog ..Penang – Pulau Tikus – Wan Tan Mee =-.


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