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Xuan Xin at Gurney Plaza | Penang Restaurant

Xuan Xin Restaurant is one of the newly opened restaurant at Gurney Plaza New Wing. We dined here sometime ago and I had a very unforgettable experience there. Wanna know why… read on to find out.

Fried Rice with Minced Beef was fragrant with adequate wok hei. There were some bits of beef which was tender. The rice was not too soft and not too hard.

I ordered something light that day due to we were having late lunch. The Conpoy & Crab Meat Congee was very smooth just the way I like my porridge. The smooth porridge texture is similar to the one I had at Hong Kong. There was a generous amount of scallop and crab meat. The porridge has a mild and sweet taste contribution from the scallop and crab meat.

We ordered one finger food – Crispy Chicken Wing and Sausage. It tasted like belacan fried chicken. This dish is pretty pricey as only one piece of chicken wing and a sausage were served.

I like the milk tea here. It tasted good and had a thick tea flavour.

Mm… done talking about food. Now let me tell you my unforgettable experience here. The environment of this restaurant is pretty cosy. To satisfy my readers, I walked around to snap the pictures of the restaurant environment and decorations.

All of a sudden, one of the restaurant staff approached me and asked me why do I keep on snapping pictures of the restaurant. They thought I am one of their competitors who’s trying to copy their menu and restaurant deco. After I told them I am not, they thought that I am a reporter from some magazine. Hahaha…

I need to explain to them that I am neither of them.

I were actually trying to be as low profile as I can be. But I think it’s my dslr that caught their attention.


  1. PenangTuaPui says:

    OMG, the porridge shot was nice, we had been to the restaurant too, but to us it is a bit salty. will post abt it soon.


  2. PenangTuaPui says:

    i think we get the same experience on catching the attention… heehee


  3. that’s the reason why am thinking if i buy myself a DSLR, people will tend to ask, are you from any newspaper or magazine. but yet, you dont feel like telling people you aint neither one of them.


  4. hahahhahaha…… I guess many food blogger’s tend to have this kind of problem. I have few incidents too. They thought I am a reporter, photographer and worse that they thought I am from Health department to check on their cleanliness. lol
    Sometime when you go for hawker, when you took your camera out, everyone looking at you. hahahhahaa……


  5. allie says:

    Penang Tua Pui,
    This is my first time to have such an experience. :p


  6. allie says:

    Haha.. maybe you’ll get used to it soon after u own a dslr? :)


  7. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    Health Dept? Haha.. That’s real funny! I don’t hope to encounter such experience again. :p


  8. Duckie says:

    that is why i sometimes feel very reluctant to use a camera!!! some places are not very ‘camera friendly’!!!


  9. cariso says:

    Allie, you’ve finally experienced ‘that’! Haha! i found that this restaurant food is a bit salty, same like what PTP said.


  10. bennystar99 says:

    Either u were very lucky or somewhere had gone wrong.We had lunch today at Xuanxin.Service to start with was not bad however they have the call button..,only minus the complain button.We had 5 dishes n none of them is up to average standard.Presentation wise is bad n not appetising.We had discovered a stone to our horror in the prawn dish.,about 1 cm in size.Also if thats not bad enuf there r 2 strands of hair in the ice blended coffee drink.We had that exchanged after our complain.However we did not have a change for the prawn dish as we feel that its no use as it wasnt nice anyway.Surprisingly no one else complain we penangites r so polite.,as im sure this must have happen to other diners as well.Its couldnt be a coincidence.we did not post any fotos as none of the food is really worth taking fotos.Its a far cry from the good n wonderful food we had at Haven Delights in Penang Times Square.


  11. allie says:

    That’s a horrible experience you’ve encountered. So sorry to read that. But I feel that you or your friends should complain to alert the PIC of the restaurant.


  12. bennystar99 says:

    Hi Allie we did complained n got a replacement for the drink.But we didnt complain about the stone pebble in the prawn dish as we r worried too that the chef might add something else if we got a replacement for that dish!!!Maybe u may say that we r paranoid but we were really startled by the food quality on our first visit there.


  13. allie says:

    In fact, I will have such thinking that those restaurant ppl might add something else if we complain about their food.


  14. bennystar99 says:

    IT s true that i feel better with a open kitchen or least i could more or less see what they r dooin with my food!!!


  15. QmuRate says:

    Xuan Xin restaurant is having RM0.99 Tom Yam Mee promotion right now.

    Check out here.


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