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Hokkien Mee @ Presgrave Street (Sar Tiao Lor) ; Penang Hawker Food

I’ve always missed out a few good hokkien mee stalls at Penang as most of them will have their hokkien mee sold out by 10am. I always make myself to wake up early for the hokkien mee, but I always failed my mission. :(

Since morning session we can’t make it, so we went hunt for a good hokkien mee which opens in the evening. This hokkien mee stall is located at Presgrave Street or more renowned as 3rd Road (Sar Tiao Lor).

The soup base is quite clear but tasted sweet. I just had a normal bowl of hokkien mee without any extra ingredients. Yes, you can always opt for some extra ingredients.

The chee cheung fun tasted average to me. Not to my tastebud as the redundant prawn paste make the ccf too sweet. My preference is still the one at Chulia Street.

The fried oyster was a disappointment to us. There was a strong taste of curry powder and the texture was very floury.

A friend of mine told me that, the ice kacang is a must try item here. Since it’s highly recommended by my friend, so I gave it a try. First few mouthfuls, it tasted normal. But when I digged to the bottom of the ice kacang, I tasted some peanut butter.

It added a special flavour and fragrant to the ice kacang. But too bad, I only got to taste the peanut butter at the last few mouthfuls. Wish it would have more.

Click here for map.


  1. Long time didn’t visit them already…. :(


  2. email2me says:

    I still like my Hokkien Mee at One Cafe :D

    Your pix for hokkien mee if got flash will look nicer (Big Flash and not the cheapo build in flash)


  3. cariso says:

    U also didn’t order the wantan mee uh? I missed that too during my last visit.


  4. Little Inbox says:

    I never spent my time for food hunting there before.


  5. allie says:

    Yalor. The One Cafe is still in my makan list but I always failed to wake up early. :(

    Sigh. My hokkien mee picture is very poor quality. Do not know why it turn out so bad :(
    Hehe.. external flash is in my wishing list too :p


  6. allie says:

    Yalor. I missed out the wan tan mee la.. must go back and get it one day :)


  7. Btw, where is One Cafe ? would like to give it a try


  8. Good to find your new site! How are you liking WordPress?


  9. allie says:

    Food Promotions,
    One Corner Cafe is located at the end of Bawasah Road. Or you can locate the Giant supermarket at Burmah Road, the cafe is located behind it.
    I’ve inserted a map here. Hope you’ll be able to find it. :)
    Fyi, the hokkien mee finish early, around 10am.


  10. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting! I am starting to like wordpress as there are a lots of new plug ins for me to try out. :P


  11. vkeong says:

    The name Presgrave Street is so unknown to me, until you mentioned ‘Sar Tiao Lor’ lol. Now I know which one you are referring to.


  12. Den says:

    nice hokkien mee, I love it. But i think need to go there for supper to get the best soup they have.


  13. allie says:

    Yeap. I agree with you that the later of the night, the soup base will be sweeter.


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