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Fettes Park Western Food ; Penang Food

“Let me bring you to a special place for dinner tonight”. This is what my bf told me before we departed to dinner that night.

Soon, we arrived at our destination. It’s the Fettes Park Western Food. Then I start to complain d lor… “Aiyo.. what’s so special about this place?” After all, it just look like any other western food eating outlet. My bf said, ‘be patient okie’.

The first part of the interior of the restaurant.

Surprise came when I walked further in. In front of my eyes is a dimly lit environment with some wooden tables and chairs. There’s a lamp post at the center of the dining area. It give me a classical feeling when I entered the area. There are even 2 bicycles hanging from the roof.

It’s really like a transformation from a normal western food eating outlet to a classical dining area. The environment is very cosy and romantic.

The mushroom soup tasted ok for the first few mouthfuls. It tasted quite peppery too. But later on, I felt that it tasted too floury to my liking.

The mix combo set is a steal as there are grilled lamb, beef, pork, bacon, sausage and a fried egg.

The beef was tender and succulent. The lamb was tender too but with some gamey smell of lamb but acceptable for me.

The pork tasted quite dry with less taste. This dish was topped with mushroom sauce.

I ordered grilled fish. The fish was grilled with minimal seasoning to maintain the original flavour of the fish. The fish was fresh and there’s no fishy smell in it. I can’t stand those fish with fishy smell.

The drawback of this dish was the meat was coarse and a bit hard. It just spoilt the dish when the fish tasted hard.

It’s a nice place for an affordable western food with a romantic environment.

Click here for map.


  1. SimpleGirl says:

    The ambiance is good….but seems that the food so so only ya?!


  2. Hey,

    Heard a lot about this place but have yet give it a try. Thanks for the review.


  3. Iris says:

    The food looks really good from the photos. You must have some skills. They should pay you for promoting


  4. Den says:

    Your photo shooting is great, I hardly get great shot under those yellow light.

    Abt the bike hanging on the top.. risky :(


  5. lingzie says:

    nice shots allie! especially at this place! the dim yellow lights make it really difficult to get good photos :P i was there with my P&S once and couldnt get a decent photo at all.
    i like the garlic fish here.


  6. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    There are many other varieties to choose from. I’ll be back there for second round to try out other dishes.


  7. allie says:

    Iris, :P I do not receive any monetary compensation for the review. :P


  8. allie says:

    I face the same problem with you too. Hardly get great shots under yellow light. I hate yellow lights! *geram*. That day I purposely sit next to a fluorescent light to get a hint of white light, yet it’s not bright enough :(


  9. allie says:

    As what I told Den, I purposely chose to sit next to a fluorescent light to get a hint of white light. Garlic fish ar? mm.. any other recommendation as I will be 3 feet away from the garlic smell :P


  10. Big Boy Oven says:

    walio! you are so lucky! hahahhaha


  11. allie says:

    Lucky am I? :P


  12. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    Hey! Thanks for updating! I’ve moved to a new house. :P


  13. vkeong says:

    I remember seeing this before at cokeworldcitizen’s blog. Food looks good, but why no pricing geh?


  14. allie says:

    It’s very affordable one. :) Price ranging from RM 10 – 15.


  15. buzzingbee says:

    the food looks good. Nice shots. :)


  16. allie says:

    Thanks Bee!


  17. WhiteWater says:

    Went to this place to get a Chicken Gordon Bleu after the one I was hunting was closed. As I was packing it, I did not go in, so, I missed out on the ambience of this cafe. But, the Gordon Bleu is great. Though I prefer the ham in it in one single chunk, the ones here is served sliced into small pieces. What is special though is that, there is a special sauce for this dish which is very unique. Most Gordon Bleu are just deep fried and served and rely on the taste of the cheese and ham. So, it is rather refreshing for this dish as well. :)


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