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Homemade Ice Cream @ Kek Seng Coffee Shop ; Penang Hawker Food

Homemade ice cream is something we can rarely get nowadays. This coffee shop is famous for its homemade ice cream topped on ice kacang. Kek Seng Coffee Shop is one of the hidden gems in Penang.

My ice kacang topped with chocolate and sweet corn ice cream. There are also one piece of jelly on top of the ice kacang which I found that it’s pretty unique. It’s very refreshing to have a bowl of ice kacang in a hot sunny day. 

Actually durian flavour ice cream is the famous ice cream here, but I opt for chocolate and sweet corn flavour as I’ll be 10 feet away if I smell durian. :P

The char koay teow tasted normal. From the picture, you also will know that it’s my bf’s plate of ckt. He always omit out the bean sprout one. Missing the crunchiness, no omph lol. I am totally 180 Degree different, I like mine with extra bean sprout. :D

I will always order laksa if I spot a laksa stall wherever I dine at. :P Die hard fan huh…

The laksa soup was pretty clear with just the right level of sweet, sour and spiciness. The are bits of fish in the soup. It’s actually comparable to the Penang Hill Laksa.

Click here for map.


  1. The jelly looks so cute on the ice kacang! This reminds me of the ice kacang with peanut ice-cream my friend told me about.


  2. I never like ice kacang with ice cream on top.
    I still prefer Ipoh ice kacang… dont know why.


  3. allie says:

    The ice kacang with peanut ice cream? Where can I have one? hehe… :)


  4. allie says:

    The ice cream is like something bonus ma… Hehe… No matter where’s the ice cream, I always like it. :P
    Be it fried or with ice kacang or with waffle or eat it alone or dip into chocolate… i just luv it.. hehe..


  5. foodbin says:

    must try the ice cream when i am in Penang


  6. Duckie says:

    i used to go there for the koay teow thng but i don’t think they have it anymore.


  7. This brings back fond memories to me personal, in ipoh about 30years ago we have such ice cream, it was my child hood memoery! thanks for such sharing.


  8. i did not try their chocolate and sweet corn ice-cream yet. Will drop by one day to have their ice-cream again. lol


  9. Little Inbox says:

    I like the lor bak. Ice kacang tastes ok, just the ice-cream not the creamy version.


  10. vkeong says:

    wah liao, very nice looking ice kacang.. reminds me the first time I came here about 2 years ago.. I loveeeeeee durians haha


  11. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting! Hope you’ll like it :)


  12. allie says:

    I think I didn’t spot any koay teow teng stall :P


  13. allie says:

    Child hood memory is always the best. No worries, no burden… just fun! Ice cream is definitely a child’s favourite!


  14. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    Hope you and your gal will like it. :)


  15. allie says:

    2 yrs d ar? Seems like it’s time for a revisit? :P


  16. praman says:

    I’ll try it sure! Where’s the shop?


    Allie Reply:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve a link to the location map of the shop. It’s located along Penang Road.


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