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Bravo Italiana Part II (Heavenly Desserts) | Penang Restaurant

As promised, the second part of the review would be on desserts! After a great meal on appetizers and main course, some desserts were served. Desserts play an important role in a meal as it give the last impression on the meal you just had.

Let’s start with a very special drink, Caffe Romano (RM14). It’s an orange coffee with added vodka and a scoop of ice cream on top. Just like the A&W Rootbeer float. Hard to imagine how that’d taste like rite? Coffee + orange + vodka + ice cream?

At first, I dare not try out this drink as I heard the word ‘vodka’. I don’t like alcoholic drinks for 2 reasons. One would be the bitter taste of it and throat stinging feel when the liquor flow down my throat. Another would be, I would have rashes over my body when I have alcoholic drinks. :(

But I just can’t resist the nicely presented drink seated right in front of my eyes. Before I had my first sip, I got a warning from Tam Ciak that I should mix the drink well first. Else I’d have a shock of sipping just the vodka layer like he experienced few minutes ago.

Ok. Enough of grandmother story. Let’s talk about how it taste like. There’s a mild coffee and orange taste. The vanilla ice cream added creamy texture to the drink. The vodka taste is acceptable to me as I think the vanilla ice cream and the orange flavor neutralized the alcohol.

It’s quite a special drink which it’s worth a try. :P

Here comes my favourite dessert of the day; Strawberry Panna Cotta (RM8.90). The presentation is simple and nice but it’s not those which will attract you to dig a spoon into it immediately. BUT don’t get cheated by it’s look.

Strawberry Panna Cotta looks like pudding, but it’s actually made of gelatin and milk. The texture is smooth, soft almost like those chilled cheese cake where it’ll melt slowly on your tongue. There is traces of milk fragrant in it.

Try to have the panna cotta with the strawberry slices, and you’ll experience sweetness and sourness at the same time. The sourness somehow added a ‘kick’ to the dessert. I just can’t resist myself from this dessert. I just kept on scooping my spoon into it. :P

The Tiramisu (RM12.90) is my favorite too. I like it since my first visit to Bravo. The Savoiardi which is fully absorbed with coffee and liquor just melted in my mouth. It’s very fragrant with coffee aroma. The amount of cream is just nice.

I just can’t get bored eating it.

Tequila Key Lime Pie (RM8.90) looks like cheese cake to me. But it definitely don’t taste like cheese cake. The center part of the dessert has strong sour and sweet flavour. How does sour and sweet taste come together? Contradict am I?

When I had a mouthful of the pie, the first taste that attacked my tongue was sweet followed by sour. Another few mouthfuls, I only tasted sourness and a hint of bitterness. Must be due to the tequila.

Even though the presence of strong sourness in the pie, but it’s just make me want to have more of it. It’s addictive.

The texture of the pie is quite thick and creamy. It’ll melt in your mouth and the sourness, sweetness and bitterness will attack your tongue.

Last but not least, Chocolate Mousses (RM8.90). The mousses is thick, creamy and rich in chocolate flavour. The chocolate fudge on top of the mousses added strong chocolate taste to the dessert.

I feel that this dessert is strictly for chocolate fan only as the chocolate taste might be too thick and the cream might make you feel ‘geli’ when you consume more.

As I lurve chocolate so much, of course I lurve this dessert too! :)

Please keep in mind that not all desserts will be available daily as the owner will only prepare like 2 – 3 types of desserts daily to maintain the freshness. Therefore, it’s recommended to call upfront to check out what’s the dessert of the day.

Being a dessert queen, I just love the desserts served. I would definitely go back for more. :P

Business hour: 11.30am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 10.00pm (Closed on Sunday)
Tel: 04-641 0499

Click here for map.


  1. email2me says:

    Nice shots and good desserts …. XD


  2. you bought new camera?? nice shots!!! very impressive!!


  3. allie says:

    Thanks! :P
    The desserts indeed taste great!


  4. allie says:

    I’ve been using this camera for past few months d. Thanks for the compliment! XD


  5. ck lam says:

    Nice review… the desserts are very tempting :)


  6. cariso says:

    I agree with you. The tequila key lime pie is ‘addictive’. Now my mind everyday is thinking of this dessert only..:)


  7. foodbin says:

    i think i’ll like the panna cotta


  8. wendy says:

    my hubby and I were quite impressed with the food and service there during our last Valentine’s dinner..!


  9. allie says:

    Thanks! The desserts taste heavenly… yum yum… thinking about it make me drooling already…


  10. allie says:

    Wanna go for the desserts again? Together? Hehe :P


  11. allie says:

    I lurve the panna cotta. Hope you’ll like it. :)


  12. allie says:

    Planning to go there for 2nd time? There are a few new dishes and desserts introduced :)


  13. wao, u have the part 2 as well. Btw, I still dreaming for Strawberry Panna Cotta yet, when wanna go back there for the dessert. Yummy.


  14. jo says:

    Great photos and delicious looking set of desserts.


  15. Aiyo….. have to get some desserts soon. lol Very nice review.


  16. lk says:

    Nice shots! Looks so irresistable! Guess we have 1 thing in common – I luv luv ….deserts too! Hehehehe!


  17. allie says:

    Yaya… I can’t forget the taste of Strawberry Panna Cotta too. Let’s go for second round? hehe.. .


  18. allie says:

    Thanks and the desserts sure taste good… :P


  19. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    Thanks! Wonder if your gal will like the desserts?


  20. ediretnati says:

    yumy!!! I feel very hungry after read your posting……. glad to be your friend, Allie…….. CU……


  21. allie says:

    Nice knowing you too, Ediretnati ;)


  22. I love the tiramisu too! Looks so so yummy!!!


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