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Ah Keat Bah Kut Teh | Penang Food

It’s been raining since evening. The cold and chilling weather is killing me and urge me to get something hot to warm my heart, ops should be my body. Hehe! The first thing that pop up from my mind is the TOMYAM Thai Food at Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood near weld Quay, but as usual he had another better option, bak kut teh, and I buy that option too. 

My favourite bah kut teh would be Lye Lye Bah Kut Teh at Macalister Road, but unfortunately this stall had stopped it’s operation sometime ago. Comparing to KL, the bah kut teh options here in Penang is less. I remembered my colleague once told me that there’s one nice bah kut teh stall near Chung Ling School, so off we went to try out a bah kut teh (bkt) stall which I never try before.

A hot steaming bowl of bah kut teh arrived shortly after we placed our order. There are so much steam coming from the pot, I am not able to get a clear shot on it. Any tips to get a clear shot on a hot steaming bowl of bkt?

The soup base does not emit a strong herbal fragrant as what I expected. I prefer bkt soup base with strong herbal taste and thick soup. 

Although the portion seem to be small but the ingredients are enough for both of us.

The salted fish tofu texture is soft and smooth with a hint of salted fish taste. The tofu is not oily but slightly dry.

Fried fritters to be dipped into the bkt soup.

The yam rice tasted fragrant of yam and dried shrimp.

Click here for map.


  1. This is the bak kut teh shop I wanted to try as I passed through them few times and saw many people there. Is it nice?


  2. I heard about this shop selling nice BKT. But i have yet to give it a try … The most important the soup must be nice.


  3. oh, this is the one that steven recommended.


  4. foodbin says:

    are there meatballs in the bkt?


  5. email2me says:

    They are famous for their freshly delivered soya bean milk too. Still hot when they send to your table


  6. Big Boy Oven says:

    hahahahahah we were advice not to eat BKT in penang, hmmmmm….. maybe true also! :) Penang got may other fantastic food!


  7. iQiQ says:

    in my opinion this BKT not nice..


  8. Ya the Lai Lai Bak Kut Teh had closed down. I heard that he own people money leh. Btw, Ah Keat is also one of the top class. I used to go there to makan bah kut teh 1, but recently colesterol a bit high so stop makan bah kut teh oredi. Btw, my troat now become better and can sing after the indian food review. Actually you should have come too.


  9. J2Kfm says:

    last time used to have BKT at Hamna there, at a corner house oppo Tesco Extra (previously Makro).
    cz we stayed near there. truth be told, BKT in Penang is not exactly mind-boggling. hmmm ….Klang’s still win my votes


  10. I drove past this stall everytime I go to Kek Lok Si.. always crowded one. Never tried before yet.. when I go back to Pg you bring me yeah ;)


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