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New Recipe Frog Porridge ; Penang Food

Is porridge always for sick people? Well… judge by yourself at the end of this post after you read what I ate with my porridge.

The porridge was served in a claypot so that the heat can be well maintained. You can slowly enjoy the porridge until the last drop and it’s still warm.

The porridge is smooth and fragrant with glutinous rice taste. The porridge is thicker and slightly stickier compare to Sin Geylang. I guess it’s due to glutinous rice.

The Kung Po Frog was also served in a claypot. It tasted spicy and fragrant too. It’s spiciness is slightly higher than average, so for those who can’t take spicy, you may want to make it a note to the person who take order.
The only drawback of this dish is the gravy tend to be too little, as I like to mix the gravy with my porridge. The spicy gravy goes so well with the plain porridge.

Other than frog, eel is also served in this restaurant. We ordered Ginger and Spring Onion Eel. The dish is fragrant with ginger taste while the eel was tender and smooth.

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  1. SimpleGirl says:

    really is new recipe, normally the frog porridge we have is cooked together with porridge. Looks good!!


  2. foodbin says:

    well cooked porridge-are the frogs, wild or farmed ones?


  3. Vivien says:

    KL Jalan Alor also have one stall selling porridge with kung po frog, very nice and quite spicy


  4. allie says:

    I guess it’s farmed ones as I don’t think they are able to catch so much wild one. :P


  5. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    I once tried the frog cooked together with porridge one at Geylang Singapore, I don’t like it as it’s tasteless :p


  6. allie says:

    Thanks for the info! Will ask my friend bring me there to try if I go KL. :)


  7. Little Inbox says:

    I dine in their other branch at Raja Uda. They didn’t serve eel. Now the branch at Sungai Petani starts the business.


  8. the raja uda branch is getting less customers nowadays… people complain too expensive.


  9. I went to the branch in BM recently.. I didn’t really like the food loh.. everything was like too hot (warm) to be enjoyed nicely.. even the eels also damn small piece wah lao wey.. luckily my friend treated lol :P


  10. cariso says:

    In your opinion, the porridge here is better than singeylang one?


  11. allie says:

    Both are different version. Hehe… Actually both also nice, just that this one is stickier… :P


  12. oh! this is something I loove to have!!!1 I would to to try to make some ! yum yum!


  13. Oh, thank you for recalling me this shop. I wanted to try before, but then have forgotten. I love porridge!!!


  14. allie says:

    When you make, can let me eat some ar? hehe :p


  15. Leon says:

    Tried both Sin Geylang n this Ah Nan 1. ehmm, jz like u said d porridge is stickier than Sin Geylang n price would slightly more economy than Sin Geylang as well. Worth a try.


  16. allie says:

    Do you like it?


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