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Koay Teow Teng @ Pulau Tikus Market ; Penang Hawker Food

On one Sunday morning, CL overheard me on the phone with a friend of mine. She called to ask where can she gets a bowl of nice koay teow teng (ktt). She’s thinking to go over to try out the Pitt Street ktt but I pointed out that I prefer the one at Jalan Samak more.

When I hung up with her, CL asked me whether have I tried the ktt at Pulau Tikus Market. I was like… huh? I never heard anyone talked about a bowl of good ktt at Pulau Tikus Market. CL said I really should try it out as he himself likes it a lot. CL offered to bring us there for the ktt and we accepted the offer happily. I’m sure happy as can try out new food. :)

My bowl of ktt with added fish balls (7 of them). A normal bowl will have 2 pcs of fish balls. The ingredients are pretty normal where they are a few slices of meat and fish cake. 

The soup base was sweet and tasted peppery. Ktt soup base taste peppery. Does that sound weird to you? But I like how it taste like. Sweet and peppery soup base, worth mentioning. A sprinkle of coriander leaves on top added fragrant to the ktt.

The fish balls texture was smooth and tasted QQ too.

The hokkien mee that we ordered was slightly too oily for my liking but my bf said it’s ok for him. The chili tasted quite spicy. There are some water convolvulus (kangkung) in it which is hardly to be found in hokkien mee nowadays. This one tasted pretty normal to me. My preference would still be the Presgrave Street Hokkien Mee which is available at night time. 

The portion is kinda big for me. Normally hokkien mee serving portion in Penang is small. In fact most of the hawker food serving is small in Penang. The good part is you get to try a few types of hawker food at the same time due to the small portion. ;)

A nutritious drink for breakfast - Soy Bean Drink. I like this as the soy bean drink is thick enough that you can taste the bean fragrant. I like mine added with brown sugar, it added more fragrant to the drink. Talking about it, making me craving for a cup of soy bean drink now.

There are 2 ktt stalls in this area. The one that I had is the one with red wording – do take note ya ;)

The hokkien mee stall.

Let me guide you to this place. When you reach the Pulau Tikus Market, look for this stall selling roasted chicken and pork. There’s a small lane beside the stall. Walked along the small lane. 

You’ll see stalls selling clothes and accessories. 

Walk further in and you’ll see this… the makan area :)  

Click here for map


  1. SimpleGirl says:

    yea, the Hokkien Mee looks a bit oily…hmm, as for me, I don’t quite like KKT….haha..but curious to check this out, as I also like peppery soup based.


  2. email2me says:

    I just love my own home town so much …. no matter where you go the koay teow th’ng never dissapoint :D


  3. cariso says:

    HAHA! I like your way of giving direction! I hate maps fyi. :)


  4. lk says:

    I used to hate eating KTT a lot when I was small. But now, things are diff. I kinda of miss it so much esp when I can’t find any good KTT in Singapore. Your direction is very clear. Will try it out in my next Pg trip.


  5. allie says:

    Hope you’ll like Penang food :)


  6. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    The soup base taste sweet and peppery. Hope you’ll like it ;)


  7. allie says:

    Yea! When you come back to Penang, you bring me around for more food la… Hehe .. :P


  8. Duckie says:

    i love it i love it!!


    allie Reply:

    Hehe.. Thank you… thank you… :P


    allie Reply:

    Haha… I actually have the same opinion as you, ,I don’t really like the food at Singapore… When I touch down Penang from Singapore, before I even back home, I go to eat char koay teow first. Hehe.. :P


  9. Will try it soon….. thanks for sharing!


  10. foodbin says:

    i ‘ve tried this stall , the soup is clear and it’s good


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  12. J2Kfm says:

    i thought you’re gonna intro the night version.

    the char kuey teow at night there is good. like the squids they add in.


  13. allie says:

    Give me 5 !


  14. allie says:

    Glad that it doesn’t disappoint you :)


  15. allie says:

    Char Koay Teow at night? Thanks for the info! I”ll go try try. Hehe.. :)


  16. lingzie says:

    hehehe this is my other favourite place for hokkien mee and KTT. and the tau fu fah is a must have for me also! :)


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  18. Chang says:

    Try the other stall, Its the best in Penang


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