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Classic Hokkien Mee @ Perak Road ; Penang Hawker Food

Phew… finally I am able to taste this ever famous Classic Hokkien Mee which is always being talked among Penangnites. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know that why I always miss it. :P

We went to hunt for this hokkien mee before our journey to Cameron. When we arrived, this stall was just getting ready to open. So, we decided to try our luck on Super Hokkien Mee. I asked the super hokkien stall onwer how long shall we wait for 2 bowls, she said 45 minutes. Aiyo… it’s just 8am that moment, and we need to wait 45 minutes? It’s unbelieveable! We can’t wait that long, so we decided to go back to Classic Hokkien Mee.

Just in an interval of ~ 10 minutes only, there are already a few table occupied. Luckily we just have waited for ~ 20 minutes for our hokkien mee. Later on in this post, I’ll let you know the reason for the 20 minutes wait.

Finally… my bowl of hokkien mee. A very simple one with just a few pieces of shrimps and sliced porks. The soup base tasted sweet and packed with prawn fragrant.

The noodle used is those flat type one… therefore free of lye taste which is great!

This is the reason for my 20 minutes wait lor… See… all take away packings. Some even bring their own containers, environment friendly lor…

This hokkien mee stall is located at Classic Coffee Shop.

Click here for map


  1. SimpleGirl says:

    any landmark? I am eager to try this famous hokkien mee?


  2. Oh yes, this Hokkien Mee is my favourite. I would just purposely drive to town and taste my hokkien mee. And it’s not a surprise to wait for 45 minutes but last week I was very lucky as I went there at 8am on Sat morning, so , I just waited for about 15 minutes. One thing to remember, dont go after 10am , normally will be no more!


  3. wah….. where is the location?


  4. Big Boy Oven says:

    wow! you must miust bring us next weekend yeah! hehehe will sneak out from the class! lol!


  5. Duckie says:

    i was told that this place is the branch of the super hokkien mee .. but i like this one better than super hokkien mee!!


  6. email2me says:

    I forgot I heard from where that this stall’s soup were taken from the Super Hokkien Mee.


  7. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    You can try to spot a field opposite this coffee shop.


  8. allie says:

    My Taste Heaven,
    Yalor. I once went there around 10++, the stall owner was already keeping all the utensils alreayd. :P


  9. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    It’s located at Perak Road near padang there. I’ve a map at the end of my blog :)


  10. allie says:

    Haha.. sure sure! Can I go to your class to shoot you guys baking in action? hehe :P


  11. allie says:

    Duckie and email2me,
    I remember I read about that this stall’s soup is from super hokkien mee too, but forgot from which blog d.


  12. lingzie says:

    eh this one is the branch of super hokkien mee at one corner cafe ka? most interesting! looks like its just as packed as one corner cafe if not more! lol


  13. hokkien mee…hokkien mee ..hokkien mee.. *hallucinating*…


  14. timidmuncher says:

    dear allie, glad you managed to try the classic hokkien mee. how did you manage to wake up? once again, very stunning pictures …

    classic hokkien mee is located near the junction of Jalan Anson and Jalan Perak and it closes on Tuesday.

    I believe the classic hokkien mee is run by the sister of the super hokkien mee, with the former being the older one (i might be mistaken, not a good judge of women’s age). You can definitely see the resemblance.


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