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Penang Seafood | Ji De Lai San Ding Seafood

I’ve been not updating my blog and missing like for one week. I’ve been holding myself back after the incident of losing my grandma. :-( But seems like keeping myself in my own world didn’t help at all. I need to get back to track to avoid myself from thinking too much. I guess blogging might be able to help.

We were told by an ex-colleague that this restaurant serves good tasting claypot fish. This restaurant named Ji De Lai San Ding Seafood is somehow ‘hidden’ in a residential area somewhere between Jelutong and Batu Lanchang. I’ll point you to the right direction later in this post. 

There’s a big dining area, guess it’s to accomodate the non-stop visits of its customer. 

Of course we did ordered the claypot fish. We ordered ‘red snapper‘ (ang jo) fish if I got the fish name correctly. When it arrived, we were both shocked to see the serving size. The fish was huge and so was the claypot. The coriander leaves and spring onions were added into the claypot right after it’s served. 

The fish was kinda of soaked in a redundant amount of soy sauce. The soy sauce tasted kinda too sweet to us. The fish meat texture tasted slightly coarse, it could have been due to the hot claypot. The fish might have been overcooked when I took my time to snap the pictures. The sweetness of the soy sauce somehow overpowering taste of the fish itself.  

This dish is actually famous when it’s cooked with garoupa fish, I guess I ordered the wrong fish? 

As my bf know that I’m craving for Sweet and Sour Pork (Ku Lo Yuk) since this dish was not available at the Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant when we visited there, he ordered this dish for me. The meat was not well marinated though. 

It somehow stopped my craving for ku lo yuk with the average taste of it. 

A plate of stirred fried kai lan to balance up the meal. Nothing much to brag about, just a normal plate of stir fried vegetable with garlic. 

I’ll point you the direction from Heng Ee School. From the school (school on you left), go straight until you reach a traffic light. Go straight and pass the traffic light, you’ll notice a small lane on your left. Turn into the small lane and go straight. The restaurant is somewhere ahead.


  1. too bad that everything tasted average only


  2. ck lam says:

    A lot of places served this type of claypot fish but not so watery gravy.


  3. Your grandma will be staying in peace.

    OOoo, very special claypot fish, first time seeing this type of claypot fish. I’d been blogging about claypot fish in my hometown, have you tried that before? :)


  4. Yes…. I know this restaurant…… I passed by there few times but have not try it out yet.


  5. SimpleGirl says:

    sorry to hear the bad news of losing ur loved ones….take care ya! Yes, sad time will pass…..I hope you’ll cheer up again! May your grandma rest in peace.
    BTW, dishes just look normal ya….


  6. am surprise to see so watery on that fish…. not suppose to hor?


  7. email2me says:

    My condolence to your grandmother depart. May she rest in peace.

    To cook this fish, it is not a good idea to place it in claypot. It will be overcooked very fast as clay retain heat.


  8. Oh, I have been here before, dont really like it.


  9. Sorry to your granny. Keeping yourself to your world? I tough u still got your bf leh. Btw, this is a new place to be leh. Thanks for the information, I will go there to try out.


  10. foodbin says:

    dishes looks average.


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