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Rojak @ Sg. Dua, best! ; Penang Hawker Food

This is my favourite rojak stall! It’s cheap and good :)

The fruits used are fresh. The prawn paste is thick enough that it does not turn watery so soon. The prawn paste remain thick even after I’ve finished the rojak. The owner is so generous with grounded peanuts that it push the prawn paste fragrant to maximum. Besides grounded peanuts, there are some big chunks of peanuts too.

Besides being generous on the prawn paste and peanuts, they are very generous on the squid too. Not to mention the amount of the squid, the squid thickness is the thickest I’ve ever had. I’m not a big fan of squid, but my bf is. So normally I’ll let him eat all the squids. :P

For RM2.00 you’ll be able to get a small sized rojak and for a big one, it just cost RM2.50. It’s a steal!

This is the rojak stall. It’s located opposite Tesco Extra at Sungai Dua. Or you can locate the Magnum / 4D store, it’s just located in front of them.

There’s only one option to have this rojak which is take away. Sometimes you need to be patient to wait for this rojak as I’ve waited like for > 30 mins for it. Just imagine the amount of customer they have. But it’s definitely worth to wait even it’s under the hot sun.

See the squid thickness…

The grounded peanuts, chili and prawn paste are stored in containers which are seated in a tray connected to the cabinet that store the fruits.

This stall closed on Monday and Thursday. Operation hours is 12pm – 6pm.

Click here for map.


  1. wah… rojak… so coincident, i have rojak today!!


  2. PenangTuaPui says:

    this is one of my favoourite too…. yumyunm


  3. Little Inbox says:

    Lots of sotong? Ah…….my favorite type of rojak!


  4. foodbin says:

    i had rojak yesterday-yours looks more authentic


  5. Oh, this one. I waited before also but not as long as you. Yeah, it’s worth for waiting !


  6. J2Kfm says:

    the wait was intimidating. love having that rojak with some fried spring rolls and soya bean drink at the small lorry parked near to this stall.


  7. allie says:

    hey… me too will have the rojak with fried spring rolls at the ‘lorry’ stall too. :)
    Perhaps I bumped into you b4? :P


  8. oh ya, it’s nice. I haven’t try that out yet leh. I used to eat the rojak at Gurney drive instead. Next time I wanna change place to the one that you mentioned dee.


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