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Smoky Jack (Ribs & Steak House) | Penang Restaurant

There’s a newly opened restaurant in town which adopt the ‘theme’ design. Theme based design restaurant is blooming around us. It’s kind of like ‘life after end of world + outer space‘ theme to me.

From the exterior, you’ll see a lot of tree branches ‘growing’ out from the restaurant. CreepY?

This restaurant is located at Upper Penang Road just beside Segafredo. No problem to locate this restaurant right. Anyway, as usual I’ll post a link of the map to it at the end of the post. So, no worry ya :)

Let’s talk about food before I proceed with the interior environment. When we entered the restaurant that Friday night, the restaurant was quite packed with customers. And we noticed that there’s a few tables were put under reservation. We were seated in a table which is suppose to cater for 4 person. Since the tables for 2 are fully occupied, it left us no choice.

Soon after we had our order taken, we were served with plain water. Then we were served with some complimentary breads. It comes with 3 types of butter (sweet butter, spinach flavour butter and garlic flavour butter). I like the sweet butter, it’s like we spread some butter on our bread, then sprinkle with sugar on top. That’s how it tasted. My bf said the garlic butter tasted nice, with just the right hint of garlic scent in it. I will shun away from garlic smell, so I never try this butter.

Smoky Duck Breast is filed under appertizer menu. The meat was tender and the chef able to maintain the juiciness of the duck breast. The taste is pretty similar to bacon, just that the thickness of this duck breast is thicker than bacon. Thumbs up for this dish. It’s my favourite dish of the night!

It’s dressed with some honey mustard sauce, but I feel that it’s already taste so good even without any sauce.

Boston Clam Chowder. Upon ordering this dish, we were told that we need to wait for 15 – 20 mins. Wonder why it takes so long… is it due it takes time to make the pastry?

Once this dish being served on our table, I can smell the fragrant of the pastry. But too bad that I can’t dig my spoon right away as I need to take a few shots prior eating. The pastry is indeed fluffy and fragrant with butter scent. The cream soup tasted normal for me, but it’s kinda pretty bland for my bf. There are some carrots, potatoes and squids in the soup. But I can’t find any clams. My bf claimed that he ate one. I ordered Clam Chowder, didn’t I?

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  1. Nice ambience and unique interior design. Shall give a try on the food. Thanks for the review


  2. wow….. many people blog about this place liao…. and seems like the foods are nice and the environment too. ^o^


  3. ohh..that egg-y seat is sure cool! reminds me of egg-head shaped aliens! LOL..


  4. SimpleGirl says:

    nice ambiance and cool dining experience………yeah, me too, have not seen western food with lady fingers…..funny


  5. One of the very few posts that has the delightful “BF” in it , not the dreaded “Hubby”, something which we never understood !

    and yes , one of us is from Penang, and should be interesting to share these best of the world ‘chiak song’ snacks from the Land of the Gluttons !


  6. allie says:

    Yeah! It did remind me of aliens too! lol


  7. allie says:

    ‘hubby’ is a dreaded word for me too ! :P


  8. ck lam says:

    Heard so much of this restaurant, would like to try out the food.


  9. looks like this is the talk of the town place for bloggers!!??


  10. Desparate Den says:

    Come on, ladies finger is found in Cajun cooking or any other Western style cooking. You can use bak choy, choy sum or any oriental vegetables. Nice place, what are the pricing?


  11. allie says:

    Desparate Den,
    Oops! Paiseh ya… it’s my first time to see ladies finger to be served as side dish in western food. I need more exposure.. :P


  12. cariso says:

    Agree, ladies finger in western. First time I saw it too. :)


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  16. Oslo says:

    I try to call the number 2628826 for booking but seems like its been disconnected. Can you check it out for me thank you


    Allie Reply:

    I’ve tried to call and check their website too. The contact # is still written as 2628828. You may want to try to call 012-3354932.


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