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Wan Tan Mee @ Eng Loh Coffee Shop ; Penang Hawker Food

The moment we entered Eng Loh coffee shop, the wantan mee stall and its menu attracted our attention. There are around 10+ items displayed in a big signboard.

This is the menu that attracted us. When I walked near the stalll, the owner keep on promoting the noodle to me. I find it very hard to reject her, so I ordered the all egg wan tan mee. 

All Egg Wan Tan Mee. The noodle itself is less curly and thinner if compare to the Thong Kee All Egg Wan Tan Mee. The noodle texture is smooth and crunchy

Overall, it tasted slighty saltier for my tastebud.

Hakka Noodle with Black Fungus and Meat. The noodle is those flat type of wan tan mee noodle which has a smooth and crunchy texture too. The drawback is the saltiness of the noodle which is not into our tastebud.

The wantan which comes with the noodle. The size was pretty big and the meat was well marinated

The dumpling tasted good. There’s a generous amount of well marinated meat wrapped beneath those dumpling skins. We tasted some diced turnips in it which added some sweetness and crunchy feeling to the dumpling. 

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  1. J2Kfm says:

    salty from the sauce? or salty on its own?


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    the flat noodle is very good for dry version…….so sad is too salty…perhaps you may ask them to adjust the sauce next time ya!


  3. ck lam says:

    Do try out the toast bread with peanut butter and also the chicken rice in this coffeeshop.


  4. allie says:

    the sauce is salty :p


  5. foodbin says:

    i would prefer the flat noodle- looks more appetizing


  6. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    You like Thong Kee one too? Me 2! Gimme 5!


  7. allie says:

    Thanks for the info! Will surely try it out on my next visit! :)


  8. iQiQ says:

    da stall owner din promote their “kam yuk mum tong”?
    that is nice.. hehe… ^.^


  9. cariso says:

    I went twice and it’s not open. ARGH!!! Got to go during weekdays only uh?! Hey, don’t order maggie mee in wanton mee style lah. :)


  10. Chin says:

    I like my Hakka noodles salty:) esp. the minced meat.


  11. allie says:

    Kam yuk mun tong ar.. the owner never promote wor..
    mm.. must go back try d.. hehe. Thanks for the info!


  12. allie says:

    huh? not open? I went there on Sat wor…
    That dry maggi mee is from the koay teow teng stall one.


  13. I always find it weird to hv fish cake in CKT.


  14. email2me says:

    Respect you la …. wan tan mee and koey teow th’ng queen ….. lol


  15. yes…. please try the toast with peanut butter. Is nice…. but very full. I cannot finsihed all of the toast. ^o^


  16. Tching says:

    Saltiness is something i cannot stand about my noodles as well. Tasty food need not be salty.


  17. sun says:

    love d dry maggie so much!!
    d koay teow teng oso delicious!
    but d wan tan mee feel simple


  18. allie says:

    I also heard from my friend that the koay teow teng is good but I yet to try it out :)


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