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Haven Delights (Part II) |Invited Review

Haven Delights is a newly opened restaurant located at Times Square which served Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong and Shanghai cuisines. 
In Part I, some review on the restaurant interior and desserts had been posted. I truly enjoyed the ice creams and the chef’s special finger food served in Haven Delights. Let’s move on to main dishes.

We were first served with Hotzzz Abalone which is available in the buffet menu. The abalone slices were topped with homemade spicy paste and eel sauce.

Unagi Tofu - Grilled unagi with silky tofu in sweet sauce and bonito flakes garnishes. I am a unagi fans, do I need to say more? :P

Chicken Ban Ban (RM10)- It’s a fusion Japanese fried chicken with egg in chef’s special mayo sauce. The meat was pretty well marinated.

There’s a hint of wasabi flavour in the mayo sauce. Luckily it’s a mild one, as I don’t take wasabi.

Red Dragon Prawn with Jammy Sauce (RM20)- Fried prawns and white dragon fruit in jammy sauce. The sauce tasted very fruity and appetizing.

Motoyaki Scallop (RM14)- Grilled scallop with homemade spicy mayo sauce. The mayo sauce was creamy and quite spicy too. I feel that the spicy mayo sauce kinda overpower the sweetness of the scallop instead of enhancing it. This may suit people who like heavy taste.

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  1. Nice shots of the glossiness of the food items. Must learn from you already.


  2. Unagi tofu looks tasty. The price?
    Looks like they put a lot of detail in the presentation of the food. Very nice looking.


  3. Allie,

    There is a error in the link to page 2!


  4. allie says:

    Thanks! We can share views and opinions :)


  5. allie says:

    Thanks for the info! But I’ve checked, everything seems okay. :)


  6. cariso says:

    Wow..your shots are sooooo good. Everything looks nice under your snapshots. :)


  7. hei, I cannot leave comment at ur latest post leh.


  8. allie says:

    What browser are you using?


  9. buzzingbee says:

    Nice pics :)


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