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Smocky Jack (Re-visited) | Penang Restaurant

My first visit to Smoky Jack was a pleasent one. The set lunch in their menu attracted me, and I went back for their set lunch with my buddies. But this encounter is not as pleasent as the first one though. I’ll talk about it later in the end of the post. Let’s talk about food first. 

Smoky Jack offers 3 categories of set lunch; Set A: RM 15.80++, Set B: RM18.80++ and Set C: RM 25.80 – Rm 28.80. Their set lunch comes with either soup of the day or salad and dessert. There’s no drink comes together with their set lunch though. 

Complimentary bread which tasted good. 

I chose soup instead of salad. The soup tasted creamy

YH had salad. Orange sauce were used instead of the normal mayo or thousand island. It’s something new to us, but it tasted very appetizing due to the sourish orange sauce. The sauce blended well with the fresh vege too.

I had Grilled Cod Fish. The portion is small. The cod fish itself had a smooth texture, but it tasted slightly saltier. The in house red pepper sauce make it even saltier. :P

Lene had Hungarian Baked Chicken. It’s basically look like a grilled chicken with brown sauce to me. 

YH had Grilled Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce. The salmon portion looks more satisfying than my cod fish portion. The marinated salmon fillet tasted slightly saltier to me, but YH didn’t mention about the saltiness. Guess it suited her tastebud. The salmon fillet was grilled with a good timing, as the meat was smooth

If compare with  cod fish, I would prefer cod fish texture though.

The dessert which consist of a few pieces of fruits and a piece of cake. Nothing much to brag about this, but I was kinda disappointed with the dessert. Although it’s a complimentary with the set lunch, I was hoping for something more outstanding. 

This remind me of the dessert served with the set dinner I had in Bravo Italiana. The dessert taste still linger in my mind. 

But the service on that day slighlty disappointed me. We were not approached by any waiter the moment we entered the restaurant. We were actually walking around and picked our own seats. Later, we were approached by one, and guide us to our seat.

We need to wait for quite sometime before we get the menu. The waiters were like in a total chaos when they serve the food to customer on that day. I wonder why… The situation and service was good during my first visit which is during dinner hour. Wonder what happened… 

The restaurant contact # and business hours:

Smoky Jack Ribs & Steakhouse
3H-3I, Upper Penang Road
10000 Georgetown
Tel: 04-2628826
Business Hours:
Lunch: 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Click here for map.


  1. Jacelyn says:

    the food portion in this place is kind of small wor…..i prefer cod fish than salmon like you too…. nice blog here, and thanks for visiting mine as well. :)


  2. I guess during the first visit, they were well informed and prepared for you guys. But today is just the normal day for them.

    Good work on comparing the dishes that you had. You are in the making of a Food Critic!


  3. SimpleGirl says:

    yea, I do agree…sometimes if service sucks, we’ll think twice whether to visit again or not….it play a very important role


  4. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog too :)


  5. allie says:

    During my first visit, I had a walked in dinner too. It’s not an invited review or things like that :P


  6. I always love cod fish instead of salmon. As to me, I prefer to take salmon sashimi which is without any weird smell.


  7. When you go for lunch? Weekend? Aiyo….. I hope that when I visit them the service will be good. ^-^


  8. The prices are looks good too.


  9. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    I went there during Sunday :)


  10. Chin says:

    Portions a bit small? I spotted ladies’ finger? Unique.


  11. Looks oh so yummy!


  12. [...] is located just 2 shops away from Smoky Jack which do provide set lunch too. What a small world it is as I bumped into Lingzie when I lunch [...]

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