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Wan Tan Mee @ Burmah Road; Penang Hawker Food

I read about this wan tan mee in MyLoveMyFood blog. I was attracted to this wan tan mee stall when some of the commentors said it’s one of the Best in Penang. This stall is located at the busy Burmah Road where the famous Apong Guan is located. 

The wan tan mee stall is just located beside the busy road. There are very limited tables laid just in front of the shop houses at the back of the stall. 

We ordered a normal bowl of wan tan mee, there was some wan tan, vege and char siew. The wan tan mee was served in a bowl and it looks “white” compare to other type of wan tan mee I had before. We waited quite long for our order to arrive. 

I guess I was having very high expectation before my visitation, seems like I got disappoitment with my first mouthful of the noodle. It tasted quite bland for my tastebud. I prefer heavier taste though. People said hakka tend to have heavier in tastebud, is that so? 

I still prefer Thong Kee Wan Tan Mee which available from morning till noon or Chulia Street for night time.

The wan tan is quite big and tasted good. The meat inside the wan tan skin is well marinated.

See the wan tan… make me drool

There’s a apong stall next to the wan tan mee stall. The business is so good that the owner said we need to wait > 45 minutes for our apong. I walked away with very disappointed feeling. The apong smell so nice and fragrant. I vowed to go back for the apong.

I captured a few snapshots of the making of apong.

Taraa… apong ready to go into customer’s mouth but not mine :(

Click here for map.


  1. wow the wanton mee looks awesome, so attractive, so sexy making me wanting to eat time right here and right now! As the apong, this one is still the number ONE in Penang and also Malaysia !!!


  2. Hong CN says:

    I tasted this Wan Tan Mee quite long while ago. It was back to year 1993 or 1994 – I had tuition class at shop lot level X (unable to recall anymore). That time, the owner’s father took care of the stall. I prefer that moment of taste.

    This Wan Tan Mee taste is not strong. I can still accept it. I tried so far twice for his son preparation, I personally feel that the standard dropped. Probably the standard dropped or probably my taste preference change as the time goes. I prefer Jelutong wet Market version :-)


  3. SimpleGirl says:

    i agree with you, as sometime when our expectation is too high, the food end up to be so so only….but frankly speaking, many years back, I’ve tried this stall, it was very good….


  4. I have not try the wantan mee before. You are Hakka ah???? Yes the apom is very popular in Penang. But have not blog about it yet. ^-^


  5. email2me says:

    If the father prepare it, it taste better.

    The main attraction to this wan tan mee stall is the wan tan itself and not the noodle.


  6. Dry wantan mee in bowls is something different ! Normally plates are used elsewhere right ?

    The wantons look solid tho


  7. disappointment??? oh dear…


  8. Tching says:

    Hakka tend to have heavier in tastebud? is that so? Frankly, i never heard about that before. I’ve always loved Wan Tan Mee. Will try to go there next time.


  9. Duckie says:

    apong is good!!!


  10. allie says:

    wah.. the apong is #1 ar… i must go try d…


  11. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting! Jelutong wet market wan tan mee good ar? let me go hunt for it :P
    Any guide for me?


  12. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    Guess the quality deteriorated? or it’s just doesn’t suit my taste bud :p


  13. allie says:

    Yea. the wan tan taste good. Big and the meat is well marinated :)


  14. allie says:

    Yeap. It’s kinda unique that the wan tan mee is serve in a bowl. The wan tan taste good :)


  15. allie says:

    I guess it’s just doesn’t suit my tastebud :P


  16. allie says:

    My friend told me hakka tend to have heavier tastebud. I’m not sure too. Sometimes I like heavy taste food, sometimes I just like it plain. :p


  17. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    I tried to go there earlier(~12pm) the next day after I had the wan tan mee, but the apong stall is yet to open.


  18. cariso says:

    I never heard of that woh, hakka=heavier taste. :) Now you are into the wanton mee journey, KTT finish odi?


  19. gill gill says:

    tried twist, but i find nothing special about this wan tan mee.


  20. allie, u havent had apong guan?? wahh.. muz laa!


  21. Chef MEL says:

    the wantan mee look almost similar to the one in sarawak!


  22. Hong CN says:

    Allie, you know the Leng Lui tong sui shop? if you know, the wan tan mee just beside its shop. Remember to park your car far away from there… it’s impossible for you to drive in :-P

    Hope this able to give you sufficient clue to hunt them down :-)

    Happy hunting then :-)


  23. [...] get your hands on this pancake. During my first visit which my initial intention was to try out the famous wan tan mee and apong Guan, I failed to try out the pancake due to long waiting time (~ 45 mins). But I vowed [...]

  24. penang guy says:

    hello and dear all
    dont listen to other person tell you what good and nice food in penang . i born in penang and now age 28 .. all the recomended food in here are baseless because it happen to be town and tourist hotspot so all people mouth spread the world everywhere .. so that wan than mee or apong still; not the best in penang .. original people in penang dont like famous food on internet .. they know where to go .. next time when in penang ask taxi driver BRING YOU TO BALIK PULAU LAKSA dont go to air itam laksa , JELUTONG WET MARKET FOOD instead of PENANG ROAD FAMOUS HAWKER .. trust me the HAWKER IN TOWN MAKE LOUSY FOOD .. I AM 100% penang guy so i know it all .. have a nice day all and happy holiday when u in penang


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