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“Raw” Noodle?? aka Che Mee ; Penang Hawker Food

It’s just a small stall  in a small lane at Magazine Road, but it’s amazing to find so many types of food here. And I discovered some new food which is a stranger to me. It’s called che mee in hokkien, and I translated it to ‘raw noodle‘ not sure if it’s correct. 

It’s actually similar to those yellow noodles used in hokkien mee or curry mee. The only different is the noodle used in ‘raw noolde’ is not pre-cooked just as spelled in the name I’ve translated for it. Those yellow noodle used in hokkien mee is pre-cooked, therefore it just need to be blanch them for a while then it’s ready to be eaten. 

It’s my first bowl of raw noodle and it tasted pretty weird for me. I feel that the lye taste was too heavy for me ( I can’t tolerate even the smallest amount of lye taste in my noodle). The noodle is soft as it’s soak in a pot of soup, but to my astonishment the noodle does not turn soggy. The stall owner explained to us that due to the noodle is not pre-cooked, it can’t turn soggy. 

The soup is thick and it’s cooked with some bak kee and lard. Bak kee is actually meat which coated with tapioca flour then deep fried. The bak kee texture is similar to sago. 

I prefer economic bihun. The portion is large and it tasted good. One thing I like about the noodle is the noodle is not soft. 

The chinese dumpling (bah chang) had lots of ingreditents in it. The glutinous rice is soft which suits my tastebud.

Apart from the above, there is also some lor bak, fried prawn fritters and mee suah available. 

I didn’t have chance to try this out as we are already very full with the noodle and bah chang.

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  1. MnYfoodtalk says:

    the bak chang looks yummy, shd give it a try next time, thanks for sharing.


  2. Chin says:

    Tons of food available. Ba Chang, the lorbak and economy noodles is my favourite.


  3. The economic bihun looks really good!


  4. SimpleGirl says:

    the loh bak look so lovely…..esp the prawn fritters….i’ve only tried the bak chang there…very tasty


  5. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    That place sell awesome curry Chee Cheung Fun? oh my..let me go find out…


  6. wendy says:

    hmm…should try out in my next trip back to Penang.


  7. I heard a lot about this … but never have try it…. :)
    thanks for sharing


  8. Allie,

    Good day! That stall is a great tea time pit stop. If you don’t like the ‘che mee’, then you should try the ‘mee sua kee’ if I didn’t wrong;y. They offer two types of this delicacies.

    Their prawn fritters and loh bak are from a wholesaler in Georgetown, if you want I can bring you there, to the their kitchen. The fritters go quite well with their ‘fah sang thong sui’! An adventure of savoury and sweets.


  9. tekkaus says:

    War…so many food at this alley! Must visit there one day!


  10. J2Kfm says:

    I cant tolerate lye water in my noodles either. that’s why i tend to stray towards kuey teow, or maggi mee. or lou shu fan, or bihun for that matter. :)


  11. i didnt know they sell such mee there! raw mee?? really somethin old tht’s new to me ;p


  12. cariso says:

    Agree, not everyone can tahan that taste of chae mee.


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