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Dry Koay Teow & Lor Mee @ Greenlane; Penang Hawker Food

Without any target eating place to go in a cloudy Saturday morning, we drove aimlessly from Bayan Lepas heading to Georgetown area and hoping to find some good food to fill our empty stomach. My bf make a turn after we passed E-gate. I suddenly recalled I’ve read from some food blogs that there’s a curry mee stall opposite Lam Wah Ee Hospital which worth a try. 

Yeah! We’ve got a destination in mind and no longer need to drive around when our stomach is crying for food. :P

We make 2 wrong turns as we can’t locate any coffee shop opposite Lam Wah Ee. It’s quite hidden due to the low zinc roof top. Look out for the Lee Huat Cafe sign if you wanted to find this place.

There are quite a variety of choices available but to my very disappointment the curry mee stall was closed. Oh my… out of luck that day.

The dry koay teow luckily didn’t disappoint us, but it also didn’t overwhelm us. Some lard are found which means more fragrant but higher cholesterol. My cholesterol level is still within control the last 2 years I did my check up. Now? I didn’t know.. so eat first… worry later. :P

The fishball and the meatball were my favourite but it’s too few for a fishball and meatball lover like me. 

We wanted to try out the hokkien mee here, but we’re too late as only lor mee was left. Lor mee is still new to me, but it tasted ok. 

Garlic and shallots both are my enemy.. so I guess I just missed out the thing that enhance the lor mee taste and flavour. 

Toasted bread with half boiled egg is available too. But my favourite would still be the Joo Leong Cafe toasted bread.

Half boiled egg seems like slightly over cooked. It just spoilt the best part of half boiled egg. 

Click here for map.


  1. foodbin says:

    quite nice food-a hidden gem.


  2. I have not been to this place for years. This morning when I passed thru was thinking what do they have now.


  3. Nevermind allie…….. go back next time. I heard lots about the curry mee too, but have not tried yet. ^-^


  4. cariso says:

    This one…I have never been there since the flyover was up.


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