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Farlim Shell Station Laksa (Laksa Marathon Part I); Penang Hawker Food

For those who has been following my twitter, you would have noticed that I had a laksa marathon last week. Hmm… it’d be in 6 hours we’ve eaten 3 types of laksa. That’d be like a bowl of laksa in an interval of 2 hours. :P  Oh… it definitely make me walks 3 feets away when I see any laksa stall. 

Our first stop was Farlim Shell Station Laksa. I’ve read about this in a few blogs but didn’t manage to give it a try until last week. My bf recalled that 10 years ago, he had this laksa before. He was shocked that the small stall now had grown into a coffee shop.

At first we planned to order only a bowl of laksa to share among us, but when we entered the coffee shop the laksa soup aroma rushed into our nostril.

Ended up, one bowl for each of us. :D 2 big slices of fish served on top of the laksa which is rarely to be found in any laksa stall nowadays. The soup base is more clear which has less bits and small pieces of fish compare to Penang Hill Laksa

As usual, I added some bird chili into my laksa as I prefer it to be more spicy. 

The pile of fishes attracted my attention. 

The lady stall owner runs the stall with the help of 2 Indonesian maids. Just imagine the business she has in a day. :)  

Besides laksa, there’s a bah kua (dried meat) bread stall in the same coffee shop. Being a freak of dried meat, I can’t miss this lor..  Bread with dried meat and floss. Although it’s slightly pricey, RM 1.60 for it but the generous portion of meat floss somehow compensate it. 

Other than meat floss and dried meat, there’s many other choices too such as luncheon meat, sausage, taiwan sausage and etc. As you can see, the other piece is with luncheon meat. This is merely bread with luncheon meat plus some sweet gravy which is different from the one I had at Sri Nibong Cafe. Both have their speciality though.

Popiah to be dipped into laksa soup. I learned to eat this way when I started to read food blogs. It’s kinda special and new to me :)  

There are some fish crackers sold at the coffee shop too. There are packed in a long plastic bag and they are hanging at the laksa stall. What a sight! 

Operation hours:

Bread Stall: 10am – 7pm

Laksa Stall: 11am – 7pm

Click here for map. This coffee shop is just located behind Farlim KFC. 

** Guess which would be my next stop for another round of laksa…


  1. Hong CN says:

    the Roti bak kua looks very delicious, love the good timing on BBQ the dried meat… perfectly BBQ :-) drooling!


  2. I went there 2 weeks ago again as hubby and my gal want to have some bread from there. I like the fish as it tastes very fresh. I will go and try the Penang Hill one since you say it has bigger fish. ^-^


  3. SimpleGirl says:

    very generous amount of fish in the laksa….


  4. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    Please don’t get me wrong, what I mean is Penang Hill soup base is more thick with bits of fish. It don’t have big pieces of fish.


  5. Looks like lots of people had blogged about this, huh?


  6. email2me says:

    Eh Allie,

    Tak aci la like that ….. temp me something KL have …. All the KL asam laksa sucks ….. This is one of my fav asam laksa stall ….. been patron them since they started in front of the shell petrol station.


  7. foodbin says:

    i am salivating at the sight of the generous amount of fish in the laksa


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  9. Chin says:

    Fish slices are better proposition for me. And esp ikan kembong. Preferred the gravy to be strong in taste and smell but not but too sour.


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  11. Big Boy Oven says:

    wow! babe, souunds like you had a rushed experience, hidden dragon, chasing the dragon! lol!


  12. buzzingbee says:

    I prefer laksa fish to be mashed instead of in one piece. I’ve seen this stall since their days in front of Shell petrol kiosk (hence the name)!


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