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Wan Tan Mee @ Argyll Road ; Penang Hawker Food

Updates: Argyll Road Wan Tan Mee shifted. Does anyone know their new location? I’m missing this wan tan mee.

Food blogs are really torturing! It tortures you even when you are not feeling hungry and no doubt it torture you even more when you feel hungry. Those food pictures never fail to make me drooling. Even just by writing a post about it, when I look at those pictures, I’ll be craving for the food! Imagine that I write this post during lunch time where I yet to take my lunch. Just feel like having a plate of wan tan mee now!

If not for my colleague who introduced this place to me, for sure I’m not able to locate this place. It’s a small and old coffee shop named Tai Wah Cafe, but old is gold right?

The interior of the coffee shop. There’s one old grandmother clock hanging by the wall. From my observation, most of the customers consist of middle and elder range group who seems like regular customers to me. The coffee shop is kinda small  and always crowded with customers.

Patience is what you needed when you eat in this coffee shop. Sometimes you’ll have to stand around and wait for a table (just like those dim sum restaurants).

A plate of small wan tan mee which consist of a few slices of char siew, slices of meat, some vege and 2 wantan. The noodle is slightly thinner if compare to Thong Kee self made wan tan mee. The texture of the noodle is QQ and quite similar to the one at Sri Nibong Cafe, but less dark soya sauce is used.

Just a simple plate of wan tan mee but it’s full of fragrant. The wan tan also tasted good with generous amount of well marinated meat.

Later I found out that this Tai Wah Wan Tan mee is pretty famous and is an ‘trusted brand‘ in Penang. Wow! I didn’t know about that. It’s like discovering a hidden gems.

The thin noodles are arranged nicely in the stall.

The price list fo the wan tan mee and some add ons.

Click here for map. This coffee shop is located opposite a Caltex petrol station and it’s just a stone throw away from the famous Transfer Road roti canai.


  1. J2Kfm says:

    i’ll be sure to take notice, as argyll road only means one thing to me, the roti telur with kari daging !!!
    luscious stuff.


  2. I like this wanton mee, used to drive so far to taste it.


  3. SimpleGirl says:

    looks different from the Ipoh version…our seems to be much darker,,,,n normally no chicken slices…


  4. Leon says:

    Use 2 b my fav breakfast when i worked around there last time but need 2 b patient cause d place is alwy crowded n quite slow on d process. Anyhow i really luuuuvv this stall wan tan mee on its mixture soy sauce n d QQ mee where d mixture goes almost perfect…


  5. allie says:

    I’ve added a landmark (Caltex petrol station) in my post so that the Tai Wah coffee shop is easier to be located. :)
    I missed the roti telur & kari daging too!


  6. allie says:

    My Taste Heaven,
    But it’s definitely worth it right? :)


  7. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    This wan tan mee is slightly whitier than normal one :) , but taste wise it’s good!


  8. allie says:

    Agree with you. But waiting is definitely worth it to taste a good plate of wan tan mee :D


  9. Wah… Argyll road there got good WTM? I really haven’t tried that out. Gonna plan for a visitation dee.


  10. Got ah?? How come I didn’t notice keh??? :)


  11. Tching says:

    I did came aross this old shop but i didn’t try it out as i noticed quite a lot of elder people in the shop. What a waste…


  12. cariso says:

    Hehe..thanks . I will go & hunt this down sooon! :)


  13. email2me says:

    Aiyo …… look at that wan tan mee ! So tempting!!!


  14. iQiQ says:

    this place really that nice?
    Used 2 eat this on saturdays when i was still young but they moved from Rope Walk to elsewhere then only to this Argyll road. But i heard it wasn’t that nice it was used to be.
    May be you can try another wan than mee near “Kuan Yin” Temple, at China Street :)
    That is nice too :)


  15. allie says:

    The coffee shop is located opposite the Caltex petrol station


  16. allie says:

    There’s always someother time :) No worry :)


  17. allie says:

    I feel that it’s nice, not sure it’ll suit your tastebud or not.
    Near Kuan Yin Temple for good wan tan mee? Thanks for the info! I’m gonna go hunt for it :)


  18. tigerfish says:

    Ehhh…no green chili? ;p


  19. allie says:

    The green chili, bird chili and sambal are served separately in chili plate :)


  20. oh I feel so young suddenly . . . just so rustic, so cultured. this is the place where food is fantastic!


  21. Tweet says:

    Unfortunately, I must say that I think the moved again. Friends went again just yesterday and the stall person is completely different now! Any idea where they moved to?


  22. allie says:

    Oh ya… I think they’ve moved but I didn’t know where have they moved too. So sad… Where to find a good wan tan mee? ?


  23. food-4tots says:

    I feel tortured too looking at the Wan Tan mee esp at this wee hour…..What should I do now? sleep? eat? …………………..


  24. wk says:

    they moved on Sept 09,
    now at Dato Koyah Road, just next road of Agrll road only.
    I also just knew from Kwang Hua Jit Poh on 12th May 2010.


    Allie Reply:

    thanks a lot for your info! Will try to find it out as I love that wan tan mee!


  25. NKOTB says:

    check CK’s blog… heard they moved to Jalan Koyak.


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