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Photography ; Light Trail Shooting at E-gate

I’m not going to write about any food today, instead I’m going to share some photos of Light Trail which I took last Saturday at E-gate. This is my first light trail shooting and I learned a lot from my friends and sifus who are so kind to teach :)  

This is my first time to join them in the photo shooting outing. I was nervous at first, due to I’m new in the group.  The meeting point is at the Caltex petrol station near E-gate. When most of the people had gathered, we walked to the pedestrian bridge nearby. It was just 6.30 pm and the sun was still shinning brightly. 

Erm… I think due to the sun still shinning brightly, it’s not suitable for shooting yet.  So we crossed the bridge and had our own good time. 

When it’s 7pm++, we started to set our tripod and find ourselves a good spot with good view. Too bad we only have one tripod to share among 2 of us. So I used the pedestrian bridge handle to support my camera since I am not using any tripod. 

Tried out a few setting of shutter speed and aperture to get the effect that I wanted. 

This is the shot when the sky is still bright. Not much cars were on the road that day. Long exposure is needed in order to get the ‘light trail’ effect.

The sky become more bluish and the picture become more colourful. Due to no tripod, I have limitations in the angle. :(

Small aperture was used to create the ‘star’ effect of the street lamp. 

The sky is getting darker and darker. 

It was an enjoyable outing that night and I learned something new that day. :)


  1. Tching says:

    Gambate, Allie!


  2. I’ve always to try this! Looks so beautiful!


  3. Nice shot. Canon 450D or Nikon D60?
    I am a new user too…


  4. wah…. so nice…. so many sifu…. teach me ah next time. ^-^


  5. allie says:

    tq tq :) I will as I luv photography so much !


  6. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    I have lots to learn too :)


  7. allie says:

    Thanks :) This is my first attempt, will try more in future!


  8. allie says:

    I’m using Nikon D60 nia. YOu bought a slr too? Which model? :)


  9. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    hehe… sure sure :)


  10. J2Kfm says:

    it probably wont be long before i jump on the DSLR bandwagon!
    temptations abound ….. haha ….


  11. email2me says:

    Nice effect shot! You did it with your 50mm ? With tripod?


  12. allie says:

    I used my 18-200mm, but without tripod as I don’t have one. I put on the pedestrian bridge handle to support my camera :P


  13. Pureglutton says:

    Wow… impressive pics! So many professionals around, so much to learn. But photography is an expensive hobby wor, so i will stick to my humble little digital camera for the time being.


  14. nice preliminary pro hots !
    We instead have given up on our nikon d40x and now use lumix tz7
    ( for lazy people , tho its 12x zoom & IA are fantastic )
    LOL !


  15. allie says:

    Photography is a black hole! But what to do.. .I already fall in love with it :P


  16. Hong CN says:

    Allie, looks like you kena racun in photography :-P Agree with you. It’s just like a black hole and expensive hobby. Most important thing is not the gear. Everyone can train his/her eyes to see something uniquely in odd angle. There’s the interesting part that fuel me to sail on. :-)

    Without tripod, you can consider to increase the ISO setting, then your shutter speed will increase to avoid blur capture :-) Normally speed under 1/60 sec will have high possibility to get blur capture. If you train well enough and your hands are firm, you can get clear picture on 1/30 sec speed :-)

    Hehe… poison you more, sorry Allie :-P

    No sifu here, only learning together :-) Have fun then :-)


  17. allie says:

    Yalor.. I already kena deep poison in photography. :P
    Seems like people in photography like to poison other people ya :P Kidding ya.. Thanks for sharing ! Great shots :D


  18. food-4tots says:

    I am also a newbie in photography. Tks for sharing such a great tip for night shooting. Your shots are excellent to me!


  19. Apple says:

    Wow, how did you do that? I need a lesson on it. ^^


  20. allie says:

    You need a small aperture (~ F 11 – F 22) and slow shutter speed. And of course a tripod :) , Hope you’ll find this info useful


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