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DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant (Part I) | Penang Restaurant

DAORAE is the name of the newly opened Korean BBQ Restaurant which is located at Bayan Point. I always mis-pronounced it as “DO RA E”… similar to Doraemon, easy to remember … :p

A little piece of advice for my readers… better make a reservation before you go. I was there on a Friday night, never thought of making a reservation as we don’t expect such a crowd in the restaurant. When we stepped at the front door (not even enter yet), we saw a medium long queue. It’s around 8pm and our stomach were already crying for food, we decided not to change venue. While we were waiting patiently, the queue started to get longer. On and off we saw customers left, but seems like the queue is not moving at all. Apparently there are more customer queuing than the visible crowd in front of us. 

We were standing right beside this sculptures.

The view of the ground floor of the restaurant. This was taken when I was leaving, only a few customers left. 

This is where we were seated after our ~30 minutes of waiting. It’s at the upper level of the restaurant. 

It’s tatami seating syle but with a space at the bottom of the table for you to rest your legs. The tables are laid quite a distance from each other except ours. :(

There’s also a private room which can cater 6 – 25+ persons. It’s suitable for gathering for a bunch of friends or birthday celebration or even company function. 

The front page of the menu.

We were there to try out the BBQ which I’ll review on the food in part II. The BBQ set come with lots of side dishes. First, there is a bowl of spicy and sour soup. It’s very appetizing. I like it :)

Some fresh lettuce and garlic which you can eat together with the BBQ meat. Daorae serves a generous portion of lettuce comparing to the Korean BBQ restaurant at Auto City (Harry B1).

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  1. lingzie says:

    cant wait for part II. have been wanting to try this place! :)


  2. taufulou says:

    eh pg got Dorae already fav korean restaurant~
    is it as good as kl?


  3. ck lam says:

    Indeed many types of banchan as yours is totally different from those that I had.


  4. Duckie says:

    never had korean bbq before .. must go try.


  5. yes cant wait to see your part II


  6. allie says:

    Part II is coming up real soon :D


  7. allie says:

    I never tried the KL branch before, but PG one is good :D


  8. allie says:

    I guess the banchan varies from day to day :D


  9. hmmm, looks like everyone is going to this restaurant.


  10. cariso says:

    I agree with you, I don’t like korean steamed egg too.


  11. buzzingbee says:

    the banchan is really colourful and captivating!!
    I guess this is the “hot restaurant” to go to now!!


  12. [...] promised after my introduction post on the Daorae Restaurant, here comes the second part where I’ll review on the BBQ [...]

  13. I also want to eat here, so nice lar, lingzie come come we go there end of this month!


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