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DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant (Part II) | Penang Restaurant

As promised after my introduction post on the Daorae Restaurant, here comes the second part where I’ll review on the BBQ food.

The BBQ food range from beef, pork, chicken and lamb too. Beef and pork will have more choices if compare to chicken and lamb.

Browsing thru the menu again and again… doesn’t know what to order. Finally we chose the Pork Special (RM35). Please bear in mind that you must order a minimum of 2 types of BBQ food. Thick slices of pork with visible fats were served.

The waiter will barbeque the food for us.. so we just wait and eat. A big piece of onion is placed together with the pork in the BBQ tray and no oil is added.

There’s already enough fats in the meat :p Actually I’m very particular in the fat attached to any meat. Normally I’ll remove them all before I consume it. But it’s exceptional that night at Daorae.

The meat started to feel the heat from the charcoal and the fats are squeezing themself out from the piece of meat :P

The tray used for BBQ is changed after each type of meat. I guess this is to ensure that the flavour of the different types of meat do not mix with each other.

The waiter will cut the pork into small pieces for easy consumption. You can use the lettuce to wrap the small piece of meat together with some kimchi and eat it :) . I forgot to snap a picture of this.

The meat is just marinated with some sesame oil, thus the original flavour of the meat is maintained. I prefer mine to be dipped into some sweet soya sauce before consuming it.

Woo Sam Kyup (RM45) is thin slices of richly marbled beef without marinate. They are arranged nicely on a round plate. Very nice presentation.

This dish is very sinful, see those fats … OMG!

The slices of marbled beef in the process of BBQ-ing.

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  1. next time, I will let you BBQ some of this awesome meat for me! you got magic fingers! lol! as always get them burn!


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    i love it, good service……and nice food. will definetely attract customer to visit again!!!!!


  3. wow – complimentary fish….


  4. J2Kfm says:

    great stuff. thanks for sharing, though should’ve kept all in one post ma …heheh …. :)


  5. allie says:

    haha.. got burnt meh? That one is BBQ by the waitress one but not burnt la. :P


  6. allie says:

    The reason I do not want to combine into one post is to shorten the page loading time. :P


  7. cariso says:

    IF order one dish only, they won’t BBQ at your table right? (if yes, gonna be the same as the Korean Palace). Wah…if bring SLR can get extra dish, I wanna take one there too! haha!


  8. so many here in KL..good to see tht Pg is catching up!


  9. taufulou says:

    ahhh..the part 2 post~

    sure do look exactly the same as in kl..hopefully it tasate good..
    will go back end of the month and try ~


  10. the Woo Sam Kyup looks good. I haven’t been to this place yet. Thanks for the info. I will drop by there.


  11. buzzingbee says:

    all the bbq meat looks so juicy and yummy!!
    haha they must have guessed you are reviewing give you complimentary food.


  12. william says:

    In case you like korean food(BBQ..etc),you should go to
    korea palace in penang. The taste is great.
    The price is fair.


  13. allie says:

    the Korea Palace is located at tanjung tokong there?


  14. william says:

    Yes,it is in tanjung tokong.


  15. allie says:

    Thanks for the info :)
    Will try it out !


  16. Karen says:

    Can i have contact no ? Thx.


    Allie Reply:

    04-640 2616


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