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Apong Guan – Best Apong in Penang; Penang Hawker Food

Apong Guan is well known for his tasty and fluffy pancakes. Patience is a must  if you want to get your hands on this pancake. During my first visit which my initial intention was to try out the famous wan tan mee and apong Guan, I failed to try out the pancake due to long waiting time (~ 45 mins). But I vowed to try the apong out as the fragrant emitted was so alluring!

I only managed to try out apong guan on my 3rd visit to this stall. I was there around 12 noon and I was lucky. I just need to wait for 20 pieces, then it’s my turn. :) Can you imagine how happy I am at that moment? During my previous visit, the waiting time was always very long… it’s either I need to wait for a few hundred pieces or > half an hour.

While waiting, I am not going to miss out any chance to practice my photography skill. Ended up, I shot the process of the pancake being made. Enjoy the photos :)

First the batter of egg, flour and desicated coconut is pour into a 9-hole griddle. Only one 9-hole griddle is used, and most people will order 20 pcs / 40 pcs. So, just imagine the waiting time. But, it’s definitely worth waiting!

Ah Guan has a very ‘systematic’ way to make the pancake. Each and every step is being done efficiently.

While waiting for the batter to cook, he will cut the banana (pisang mas) into slices.

When the batter is half-cooked, he will put the slices of banana intoit. A shy smiling face of Ah Guan :)

The slices of banana is arrange nicely on top of the batter.

A close up look.

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  1. Monique says:

    What beautiful photos!


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    so far, i’ve not seen this type of apong in ipoh…..


  3. food-4tots says:

    Excellent shots!! It will close before 8pm depending on the demand on that day. So it’s better be early.


  4. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting! :)


  5. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    Me 2. When I work in Penang, only I see this type of apong.


  6. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    I totally agree with you, Ah Guan remains polite and so friendly all the time! :D


  7. allie says:

    I like it with banana as it added much fragrant and sweetness into the apong. :)


  8. allie says:

    Thanks :)
    Yeap! Agree with you, better be early as early bird gets the worms


  9. Chin says:

    Not fair for Penangites to monopolize all these fares of yore.


  10. duckie says:

    this is so typically penang food!!!


  11. tigerfish says:

    apong guan? it is my first time hearing it! :O
    almost like banana crepes minis…;p


  12. Little Inbox says:

    Simple ingredients, but with the coconut milk, the apom is so tempting.


  13. Tching says:

    A very nice step-by-step snapshot. Well done! Apart from banana filling, any other option?


  14. J2Kfm says:

    the pics are very nice, esp that priceless smile. :)
    never expected Apong Guan to speak English though, which is a plus.

    given the fact that I cant converse in Hokkien nor Mandarin for the life of me!


  15. cariso says:

    I like the photos lah! So damn good shots on the making!


  16. kelvin-tan says:

    totally agree with the readers here… ur photos are awesome…
    feeling hungry everytime looking at your photos. :-)


  17. allie says:

    Hehe… I believe every state will have its own fares of yore :)


  18. allie says:

    Yeah! I never try this type of pancake in either Ipoh or KL.


  19. allie says:

    the pancake is slightly thicker than crepes though :P


  20. allie says:

    Little Inbox,
    It’s definitly tempting, especially when you smell the fragrant of the apong!


  21. allie says:

    There’s only one choice of filling which is sweet corn + banana. It’s just perfect match :D


  22. allie says:

    Thanks ! I can’t converse in hokkien too. I spoke English with Apong Guan too :D


  23. allie says:

    Kam Siah for the compliment :)


  24. allie says:

    Thank you! Thank you! :D


  25. I miss this!! Even KL dont have..but in pg, there are some places tht sellls the same thing..New Lane at nigth, and Air Itam markets in the mornings..But his stil’s bessssst!


  26. Ah… finally…… savour the ah guan apom. ^-^


  27. nice. savour for ah guan apong. I love the one that at Island Glades too.


  28. Hong CN says:

    Allie, when you took photos, you “chit” Taukeh Guan to grin? :-P hahahaha… kidding. I had a lucky experience to wait about 15 minutes… luckily Taukeh Guan almost finished 200 pieces order from KL. :-)


  29. allie says:

    There’s a lady from the wantan mee stall keep on asking Taukeh Guan to smile for me :)


  30. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting! Hope you’ll like Apong Guan. :)


  31. allie says:

    Glad that you like the apong Guan :) , I hope your Japanese customer will like it too.
    And thanks for supporting my blog :)


  32. sam Ng says:

    Visited his stall recently and while waiting (as usual) , noticed that he also sell curry puffs. Tasted it and I must say it is just as good as his apong.


  33. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Apong Guan sell curry puff as good as his apong? Wow! I must go try lo. Thanks for sharing :D


  34. Jason says:

    I used to feel this apom really delicious…..until i tasted the one at Butterworth Wai Sek Kai…..You guys should compare it yourself!


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