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Fried Emperor Noodle ; Penang Hawker Food

I was craving for the frog porridge at Sin Geylang. But unfortunately when we arrived, the shop was closed. Oops… it’s Wednesday. The shop is closed that day. Too bad. Since we were already very hungry, we just stopped by somewhere near to grab something to fill our stomach.

Sin Kim San Coffee shop where the delicious Top Taste hokkien mee is being served in the morning,  is serving a wide variety of hawker food at night. We are spoilt by too many choices of hawker food available. Ended up, no idea what to order.

My bf ordered a bowl of koay teow teng. Soup base is clear with average sweetness. The fish ball has springy texture, the way I like my fishball to be.

If I recall my memory correctly, someone left a comment in my blog recommended the BBQ chicken wing at this coffee shop. There are 2 stalls selling BBQ chicken wing. Wondering which is the good one, we were considering which stall shall we choose. Later on, we noticed that there’s one only stall selling, another stall is just starting to burn up the charcoal. So, we were just left with one and only choice.

The BBQ chicken wing looks nice with shinning skin, thanks to honey and perfect timing of BBQ. The meat is well marinated and outer layer tasted sweet but my bf complained that its inner part was not hot enough. Just like it had been took out from the fire for quite sometime. That’s the only drawback of it.

The chee cheung fun is floaded with prawn paste which is too much to my liking. But my bf said it’s nice. The chili with dried shrimp was good. Perfect to go with the bland ccf.

This emporer card board attracted my attention. I was attracted by the ‘fried emperor noodle‘ which was translated into ‘fried egg noodle’ in English.

When the noodle was served, I felt pretty satisfy as there are lots of side ingredients accompanying the noodle. The crab tofu is ‘planted’ on a crab shell and the ‘tofu’ part is made up of crabstick, minced meat and flour. It tasted quite good. There are a few pieces of fried chicken with well marinated meat. But the salad accompanying the noodle seems like don’t really match the noodle. The noodle itself has a crunchy texture.

It’s something new which worth trying.

Click here for map.


  1. duckie says:

    i tried this noodle before. not bad. but not that good as well. so so only.


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    wow, noodle with crab stuffed meat….and so many other side dishes…no wonder they called i t emperor noodle… like a king haha


  3. allie says:

    It’s something new to me :)


  4. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    Well, creative branding always will cause some curiosity and catch some attention ya. Seems like I’ve successful in some way :P


  5. allie says:

    For me, the ccf is definitely over flooded. :P


  6. wow…i love the stuffing inside the crab shell and i love my noodles (or anything) with loads of extras. ^_^

    yum! and the chee cheong fun….i wish they have this style in hong kong


  7. cariso says:

    KTT queen again! :)


  8. food-4tots says:

    The emperor signboard is really very eye-catching! The boss must be a smart bizman who knows how to attract his customers. ;)


  9. KTT again ah… ahaha, I think you can compile all the best KTT in Penang liao


  10. Ah we used to go there often as more varities. But now hardly go there liao since so many shop pop up. lol


  11. sc says:

    hmmm sin kim san sounds familiar.. think during day time, there’s a stall that serves hokkien mee with mantis prawn..the emperor noodles looks very tempting!


  12. ehh..hw come i see no pic of the emperor noodle one?


  13. ohh.. saw. needed to refresh the page! Looks interestin lohh!


  14. allie says:

    Yeap, you are right. During day time there’s a stall selling hokkien mee with mantis prawn. Which’s good :)


  15. There is another good emperor noodle near to USM.


  16. NKOTB says:

    hmmm, this signboard looks familiar. i think is similar to the one that My Taste Heaven mentioned.


  17. Little Inbox says:

    This is the special version of fried emperor noodle I’ve seen so far.


  18. Just simply awesome, anyone try it will feel like an emperor! :)


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