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Ryoma Japanese Restaurant | Penang Restaurant

First of all, sorry for not updating my blog for a week. I was being kinda busy lately and so fed up with my work. Somehow, I found a way to pamper myself and to release all those anger and frustration. Guess what? I treated myself  a wonderful dinner at Ryoma Japanese Restaurant.

Ryoma Japanese Restaurant is offering a wide range of Japanese food and they do offer those premium kobe beef too. For beef lovers out there, you can visit this restaurant!

Testing out my photography skill. :P  The lighting is quite dim, as I didn’t have a flash light, you will notice noise in my pictures.

Soft Shell Crab Handroll - Soft shell crab is one of my favourite when I have Japanese food. The portion of soft shell crab is generous, which I shouldn’t be making any comparison here as there’s a big different in price too.

Although the soft shell crab is deep fried, but it’s not oily but yet remain crunchy. I’ve once tasted a soggy and very oily soft shell crab. Yucks!

Gozen Salmon Sashimi - Besides the teriyaki chicken, omellete, tempura, mackerel, sashimi, chawan mushi and fruits, it comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup too.

The salmon sashimi is so fresh and it’s cut to a thick portion. But there’s only 3 pieces. Can I have more please? :P

I can’t take my camera off the sashimi trying my best to capture the juicy and fresh look of it. But seems like my photography skill needs lots of practices still :)

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  1. The photo color looks a bit weird, but the angle is pretty nice. What kind of lighting is in there?

  2. gill gill says:

    is that price reasonable?

  3. taufulou says:

    wah lau! who also satisfy la..with this kind of meal..:D

  4. ck lam says:

    The Gozen set looks good…

  5. allie says:

    Thanks! I hope to shoot nicer photos in future :D

  6. allie says:

    The restaurant is lighted with yellow lighting. I tried my best to adjust my white balance but seems like i’m not doing a good job :(

  7. allie says:

    Gill Gill,
    It burned a hole in my purse :P
    I spent ~ RM 150 for the meal, how about you judge it for yourself?

  8. Little Inbox says:

    Soft Shell Crab Handroll looks great and I know it tastes good from your description.

  9. SimpleGirl says:

    nice and neat Jap cuisine….the baked oyster looks good

  10. lingzie says:

    for some strange reason i have yet to step foot into this place even though its been around for some time. the salmon belly looks good! may be oily but its good fats. :)

  11. ah…. another nice japanese foods. But too bad, hubby is scare of Japanese foods now. Will try that out next time. ^-^

  12. cariso says:

    This is definitely not a ‘cheap’ restaurant. Remember my RM500 Ryoma post?

  13. foodbin says:

    the soft shell crab are generous sized-my fave.

  14. ohh..perfect pick-me-up! Good Jap food or desserts! ;) We do hv similar taste ;0)

  15. cheese oyster in a Jap restaurant?
    sounds cool…

  16. allie says:

    Modo Alimentare,
    Yea. It’s pretty seldom to get cheese oyster in a Jap Restaurant, but the PIC strongly recommend it to us, so we ordered it :)

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