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Ipoh Dim Sum @ Yoke Fook Moon

Last Saturday, we drove to KL to watch the Manchester United Asia Tour. I am definitely not a football fan, but my bf is. We stopped by Ipoh for dim sum. We are spoilt by choices, 3 major dim sum restaurants are located at the same area which are Foh San, Yoke Fook Moon and Ming Court.

Hmm… which one to choose? I went to Foh San just before it moved to the new grand restaurant. My family and I actually feel that the dim sum don’t taste as good as before, but still the restaurant is swarming with people. Although the new Foh San restaurant looks so grand, but we finally picked Yoke Fook Moon.

Dining at Yoke Fook Moon brings back some of my childhood memory where I aged around 10 years old. My uncle (oh… I stayed with my aunt and uncle when I was small), would dragged us up at 6am and drove us to Ipoh Yoke Fook Moon for dim sum. Me with my eyes half closed would be ‘forced’ into the car. LOL

Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant outlook doesn’t stand out if compare to Foh San, but the dim sum won’t disappoint you for sure :)

Fried fish ball, this is my favourite dim sum. Which ever dim sum restaurant I go, I must order this. I can hardly get this type of fish ball with the QQ texture in Penang dim sum restaurant. The fish ball is home made with a  QQ (chewy) texture.

A very little amount of vegetable  is added into the fish ball.

Char Siew Pau, one of my bf’s favourite. The pau dough is soft and fluffly.

The char siew filling is rich with thick char siew gravy. Full of char siew fragrant. A steaming hot pau to warm a cold stomach early in the morning. It just feel so good.

Hong Kong style chee cheung fun (ccf). Maybe because I’m too busy shooting and when I tasted this ccf, it tasted kinda cold.

Herbal jelly in a dim sum restaurant? LOL, people are getting so creative nowadays. The herbal jelly tasted too sweet to us. The honey taste is too strong and there isn’t any herbal taste.

The prawn dumpling (har kau) is so big! A few fresh prawns are wrapped underneath the thin transparent har kau skin. Not bits of prawns but the whole prawn. The only drawback is the prawn filling is slightly dry, we would like it to be slightly juicy.

Looking at this har kau picture, make me want to have a bite of it. Do you have the same feeling? :P

A pot of chinese tea is a must to go with the dim sum to ‘wash’ out the oil and fats from the meat and deep fried stuffs.

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  1. Little Inbox says:

    In my previous dine in, the char siew pau tasted terrible. Hubby & I just took a bite, and that’s it!


  2. J2Kfm says:

    it’s been some time since I’ve been to Yoke Fook Moon.
    not that memorable lah.

    and interesting they’re serving ice-blended coffee now! read from somewhere else.


  3. Hey when were u there? I was there (19jul) and we ate the SAME stuffs! right dwn to the chee cheong fun! LOL.
    Agree wit hLit Inbox and J2kfm, I didnt like the dim sum very much.


  4. SimpleGirl says:

    wow…ur turn to blog abt this place…..anyway, all the dim sum restaurants are crowded….even the not so famous one coz i still believe that tastebud is very very personal…..ya!


  5. Big Boy Oven says:

    hahahh the dim sum here is so so only! Once upon a time, my family was so annoyed with the lady boss, my cousin informed at the cashier(the lady boss) that the dim sum was rather salty, in repy from the lady boss, “If you can’t eat, then don’t eat”, wow so rude. Therefore we decided not to return to this place any more!


  6. duckie says:

    must widen my horizon to ipoh now!!!!


  7. OOO…will hav a trip to Ipoh in mid of august, will try the dim sum in Ipoh soon, thanks for the info ^_^


  8. cariso says:

    Pls find out the name of that last dish. pls. :)


  9. Tching says:

    I noticed that the dim sum steamed basket is made of aluminium, rather than bamboo. Is this the norm in Ipoh?


  10. allie says:

    I was there on 18th. I kinda like their dim sum :) Is it their dim sum quality not consistent or my tastebud is indifferent :P


  11. I love Fushan dim sum but did not know that this one is better, will try it out next trip!


  12. Julian says:

    DROOOOOOoooooooooooooooool … I want dimsum … Eight days and counting :-) I can’t wait to be back for a break!

    (c) Jules of the Desert


  13. Chin says:

    Have to make do with YFM until some semblance of order is restored at Foh San. Actually my family favourite. Like the usual DS stuff done consistently good all the time.


  14. Cornelius says:

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.


  15. Fo Shan not my cup of chinese tea and the service ain’t that good either. Ming Kok is full of MSG.

    Yok Fok Moon would have to do for now. YFM’s dim sum is big unlike Ming Kok. And the service is quite ok for me. They can even remember me after I have not been there for a long time period.


  16. everytime i go Ipoh, i sure go Yoke Fook Moon sumhow…I like the char siew pau which has a bit of the alcohol aroma & it’s really yummy….and not forgetting siu mai n har kau, sure in my list already….
    n yes, we can’t find such nice dimsum in penang…can beat ipoh dimsum at all, i would say…


  17. YH says:

    Haha, this is the best dim sum in Ipoh, even better than Foh San. I love the Cha Siew Pau!!!


  18. phantegero says:

    hei this play is newly renovated.. the atmosphere is so comfy and cool.. unlike fohsan so hot like in baking in the sun. ..
    like the tai bao most… is so big and nice… is a must try.. ;-) and the egg tart is best in the world…


  19. phantegero says:

    hei this place( rest. yoke fook moon ) is newly renovated.. the atmosphere is so comfy and cool.. unlike fohsan so hot like in baking in the sun. ..
    like the tai bao most… is so big and nice… is a must try.. ;-) and the egg tart is best in the world…


  20. Enqvist says:

    seem like everyone has their own prefer Dim Sum among the three, personally we prefer Foh San as well, maybe the new shop is much more attracting.


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