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Ah Basri Satay @ Sungai Ara

I’ve spotted Ah Basri Satay for quite sometime but yet to drop my foot there, but after reading Lingzie’s post I can’t wait to try it out!

When I first stepped into the place, I was impressed by the “No Smoking” sign and the cleaniness of the place.

The waitress are dressed in uniform and very attentive. They would explain what kind of satay we ordered upon the serving. In addition, they will approach us in the middle of our meal to ask if we would like any additional order. How thoughtful they can be!

Black Pepper Chicken Satay Rice Set (RM 5.10) – You got to choose from nasi lemak, tomato rice or planta rice. The one below is nasi lemak.

The rice is slightly soft and well scented with coconut juice. The sambal on top goes well with the rice. Nothing too special to shout about, but it’s nice. :)

The black pepper chicken satay is good! Succulent, tender and well marinated meat with just the adequate black pepper taste.

Tomato Rice (RM 1.50) which fare pretty well too. Light aroma of spices in the rice.

Nasi himpit - for RM1.00, the portion is pretty generous. The nasi himpit is soft, most importantly without any uncooked rice in it.

And here comes the star of the meal – satay! We ordered lamb, vegetarian, prawn and chicken satay.

The lamb satay (RM 1.20) is succulent, tender and flavourful!

The vegetarian satay (RM 0.80) is just normal.

The prawn satay (RM 3.00) is the most expensive one in their menu. RM 3.00 per stick, but it taste good! Most importantly it’s de-shell, easy for consumption!

The chicken satay (RM 1.00) has succulent and tender meat too.

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  1. food-4tots says:

    Your photos remind me of the famous Kajang satays, make my mouth water now. ;)


  2. taufulou says:

    your photo shoot is too good that makes everything is so good or am i just hungry?


  3. ah…. go back and try the squids….. very nice and tender. lol


  4. SimpleGirl says:

    never tried tom yom satay….comparatively expensive and exclusive place for satay ya!!!


  5. Little Inbox says:

    I said I wanna pay it a visit, but still pending at the moment.


  6. email2me says:

    OK. Tonite sate Kajang for dinner :P


  7. foodbin says:

    a good varieties of satay-how was the taste of the satay sauce?


  8. allie says:

    guess it must be you are hungry huh? LOL


  9. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    I’ll definitely be back for their squids :)


  10. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    I do agree with you that the price is higher compare to other satay stall, but the portion is bigger and the cleanliness of the place is worth the money pays. :)


  11. allie says:

    Little Inbox,
    Seems like it’s time to pay a visit ? :)


  12. allie says:

    can tapao some for me ? :p


  13. allie says:

    the satay sauce is packed with peanut and not really that spicy.


  14. buzzingbee says:

    you really made me salivate!!! Looks very yummy although the price is a little high. Could be due the the R&D process, so mark up the price hehehe


  15. I want, I want 20 sticks please! lol!


  16. Arsento says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.


  17. lingzie says:

    this is really really good! am glad you liked the satay there. recently i went back again and managed to talk to mr basri too who said they are bringing in kangaroo meat too!
    die look at the satay liao feel like want to go eat tonite! hahaha


  18. allie says:

    Yeah! More new products are coming :) Can’t wait to go and try it out.


  19. Ohh…so pro one! got R&D etc..
    Pineapple sauce, green apple sauce..innovative!


  20. I would like to try the prawn satay, this is something new to me.. !


  21. IMCurtain says:

    Every picture you take look tasty man. Nice job!


  22. j2Kfm says:

    oh this is the one Lingzie promised to bring me over!
    ahem … still holds ah?


  23. It look delicious.I’m gonna try it…:)


  24. Desparate Den says:

    Satay kuah is unlimited. They have horse meat satay also.


  25. those pics are almost pro shots, well done !

    now…if only the background shows shadows of bsg
    lol !


  26. I had read the email for quite some time and wanted to pay this place a visit but still no luck…. want to try out again this time.


  27. sf says:

    hi, can i know where is this place located? Address? the satay looks great. tks


  28. allie says:

    Hi Sf,
    I’ve got a map at the end of my blog. Hope you are able to find the place.
    Here’s a simple direction:
    From Pisa (PISA on your left), go straight until you meet a traffic light which turns into Sg. Ara. Take right turn. Go straight until you meet a T-junction, take a left turn and the satay is on your left.


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