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Mid Autumn Package Meal @ Young Heart Restaurant

Mid Autumn Festival is near. Looking for a place to have a reunion dinner with your family or loves one?

Young Heart Restaurant offers 2 set meal packages (4 pax package & 2 pax package) in conjunction to the Mid Autumn Festival / Mooncake Festival. Thanks to Ms. Kee, the proprietor of Young Heart owner &  Jason, a few of us got to enjoy both of this set meals prior to its launching.

Young Heart serves dishes which are prepared, cooked with care and healthy eating is the main key that is being emphasized here.

Mid Autumn Reunion Package (4 pax) – RM 123 nett consist of below dishes:

1. Soup of the Day

2. Reunion Dumpling Platter (5 Flavours – 10 pcs)

3. Stir Fried Chayote Leaves with Shredded Chicken

4. 3 + 1 Cup Chicken

5. Orange Pork Chop

6. Cod Fish Ala Twin

7. Deep Fried Young Heart Bean Curd

8. Golden Osmanthus Pumpkin Pudding

** each person will be provided with a serving of either rice or handmade noodle

For soup of the day, we had Green Papaya with Spare Ribs Soup. The soup is cooked with charcoal. I like this soup as it’s full of home cooked flavour. The soup is sweet thanks to the generous ingredients used.

Steamed dumplings (jiao zhi) are Young Heart Restaurant specialty. Just by choosing the reunion package for 4, we are able to taste 5 flavours of dumplings. Isn’t that awesome? :)

Starting from right, there is Scallop, Prawn & Pork Dumpling, Pork & Spinach Dumpling, Pork & Cabbage Dumpling, Pork, Pumpkin & Chinese Celery Dumpling and Fish & Water Chestnut Dumpling.

I personally like Scallop, Prawn & Pork Dumpling, Pumpkin & Chinese Celery Dumpling and Fish & Water Chestnut Dumpling. The scallop dumpling is full of flavour and sweetness.

I like the water chestnut in the fish dumpling as it added crunchy texture and sweetness to the dumplings.

Stir Fried Chayote Leaves with Shredded Chicken was replaced by Stir Fried Kai Lan on that particular day due to there’s no stock of Chayote Leaves available.

The kai lan is stir fried to perfect timing to retain the crunchiness.

The 3 + 1 Cup Chicken is the modified version from the normal 3 cup chicken. This version is with light flavour and less oily which means healthier eating. :D No basil leaves are used here.

3 +1 actually refer to soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil + chili.

Oh! This is one of my favourite dish of the night. The Orange Pork Chop is tender and very flavourable; not too sour and not too sweet, just nice. Plus it’s very appetizing too, thanks to the orange.

Cod fish Ala Twin simply means there’s a fried and a steam cod fish served together in a plate. Young heart able to maintain the quality of the fish served since my last visit.

The cod fish is fresh with succulent and smooth meat. Both steam and fried version tasted equaly good.

Deep Fried Young Heart Bean Curd – the taste and quality maintained as my previous visit. Crispy on the outer layer, soft and fragrant in the inner part.

For the reunion package, each person is to be served with a choice of white rice or hand made noodle. I would strongly suggest that you try out the hand made noodle.

Although the handmade noodle it’s served plain with just a hint of soy sauce and sesame oil, but it’s GOOD! The texture of the handmade noodle is springy with a hint of sweetness. All of us agree that this plain noodle is good!

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  1. I have never eaten there before! Wanted to try everytime i went back to Pg but so far nvr had the opportunity!

    Hehe.. so u like veg and cakes?? too!!


  2. wow…. nice review wor…. and fast some more. lol


  3. SimpleGirl says:

    hand made noodles look QQ in texture…i must try this place during my Penang visit next time!!!


  4. NKOTB says:

    nice food, nice shots.


  5. email2me says:

    Just love the homey environment and the foods look great.


  6. ck lam says:

    Nice and interesting new menu!


  7. cariso says:

    the rainy days 15% off banner – the photo is a bit blur, what does it say there?


  8. wow your photography looks amazing good! Oh! food looks good too! lol!


  9. buzzingbee says:

    *claps claps* posted very fast and very detailed :)


  10. allie says:

    Next time you come back PG, we go eat together la :)
    yea.. I am a vege and cakes lover.. and a dessert lover too!


  11. allie says:

    550ml jar of faith,
    I like the dumplings too! Oh.. the soy chicken dish is definitely for the health conscious one :)


  12. allie says:

    Food Paradise,
    Thanks! Ya.. and you know it has to be fast rite? *wink*


  13. allie says:

    Simple Girl,
    The handmade noodle is definitely worth a try!


  14. allie says:

    Thanks :)


  15. allie says:

    ya. me too likes the environment. Suitable for family or friends gathering!


  16. allie says:

    Oh, it definitely is :)


  17. allie says:

    Sorry for the blur photo. Is said “15% off on dine in or take away during rainy day only”.


  18. allie says:

    BBO & Bee,
    Thanks, Thanks! :P


  19. taufulou says:

    eh, i thought i read this some where..hrmm..
    but for 2 person meal..wah lau..that’s a lot..
    everything looks good!


  20. taufulou says:

    heee..u went too har..~ should not look at your blog now..
    so hungry d!


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