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Penang Famous Toasted Bread @ Toh Soon Cafe

Allie’s been missing in action for quite sometime. Hope that my readers will forgive me as I’ve been caught up with something lately and it took lots and lots of my time. However, I managed to take a break from the tedious schedule.

This place is suitable for breakfast and also tea time. This is one of the gem in Penang Island. It’s just a simple stall located at a small alley in Campbell Street but it’s always crowded with people. Are you wondering now what food do they sell? Scroll down… but  most Penangnites will know when they see the first picture.

Traditional toasted bread, steam bread and coffee. Bread is toasted on the charcoal which is use to boil the water to make coffee.

Just a simple toasted white bread spread with kaya and butter, but it’s simply good as a breakfast.

The steam version of it. The bread is so soft.

2 half boiled egg to go with the bread. What a perfect breakfast!

Not forgetting a cup of milo, is a must as my breakfast drink.

Apart from bread and half boiled egg, there are some pre-packed nasi lemak too. But too bad, there’s no ‘omph’ in this nasi lemak. :P  Anyway, it tasted okay.

The coffee is the famous item in this cafe too, do order a cup if you drop by this cafe.

Toh Soon Cafe is located next to:

184 Campbell Street,
10100 Georgetown, Penang


  1. Criz Lai says:

    Hmm… Another flogger writing on them? Haha… I somehow felt that this stall have been over publicized for a simple light snack. There are many stalls around Penang still that can offer better quality kaya and at a cheaper price. Maybe it’s the nostalgic feel there that attracted more people rather than the food. :P


  2. simplegirl says:

    really old school….this type of makan place is quite rare nowadays…


  3. Hong CN says:

    Allie, if you are the coffee lover, you should order one kopi-peng! freshly make and I guarantee the taste able to beat the famous kopi-bean and bintang-buck! :-P


  4. cariso says:

    I wanna go and have my own shot of roti bakar too! :) A mission to complete , ahem! :)


  5. Wow…their “toaster” is quite extraordinary. it safe to cook our food there? You will never know what it contained previously. lol..
    Btw, your breakfast looks great!


  6. taufulou says: way to do a toast..
    might try when head back..:D


  7. buzzingbee says:

    you don’t take coffee??
    sometimes simple things like this does make a great breakfast meal :)


  8. Big Boy Oven says:

    I know this shop someone pointed it out to us when we were in Penang! lol! :)


  9. Shirley says:

    Thanks for sharing this little gem of Penang. I love this little corner, and can’t wait to go back for a cuppa of Kopi O and charcoal toasted bread. The last time there was at least a year plus ago:


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