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A lok lok style rojak! + a visit to Kuala Muda

What do this small stall offers? See those ‘sticks’ resting on the stall… Could be satay? lok lok? Read on to find out!

A closer look for you to guess. There are a variety of fruits, some fish balls, bean curd, etc. How are we suppose to eat this? Just eat it the way it is? That’s not interesting enough! :D

Let’s take a look at the variety of fruits and food before we proceed to eat it. :P

Umbra, bean curd, star fruits. Btw, what do we call ‘umbra’ in english?

Tomatoes, octopus, pineapples, guava and wax guava.

Carrots, mangoes, fish balls, cucumbers and turnips.

Quail eggs.

All these are to be eaten with rojak sauce. The way of eating this is to dip the fruits into the rojak sauce which is served in a common bowl. Some of us might not be able to accept this way of eating due to hygiene issue.

But this is one of the stall with the good rojak sauce. The spicy one is really spicy with lots of grounded peanuts.

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  1. hApPy HaPpY says:

    this rojak sauce lok lok reminds me of my childhood in Padang Serai especially the way the cucumber is cut & skewered.


  2. SimpleGirl says:

    WOW….so colourful and innovative….first time seeing lok lok rojak…..


  3. ck lam says:

    Fruits in a stick….so convenient for the customers.


  4. Cool!! Nvr seen those rojak before loh!

    And Pasar Bisik is such an interesting find!
    I guess it is more mannerful to whisper instead of outright outbidding (by shouting) your competitor??

    Reminds me of those Sothebys auction y knw..where the well heeled and rich raise their “sign” each time they want to raise their bid for an item ;)


  5. email2me says:

    No need to go so far for this …. you can get it at Bukit Mertajam. The uncle is located in front of BM High School starting from 4pm to 7pm. It is right next to the railway station.


  6. J2Kfm says:

    wait, you dip and redip the skewers into the same bowl of sauce?!!


  7. cariso says:

    So cute lah the shot of cat ‘choosing’ the fish! :p


  8. foodbin says:

    you have got my mouth watering already.


  9. coketai says:

    Wow!!! It was such a long long time I do not come across this rojak fantasy already!! Let me think…it is almost 16 years liao…….I guess!! Anyway thanks for bring back the good day memory!!!



  10. buzzingbee says:

    hmm yea hygienic issue with the sauce…but worth the try hehe
    pasar bisik is interesting. Is it coz of politeness or a way to outdo the competitor?


  11. awesome! aweosme! those stick rojak is so authentic and something you don’t get to see this days! thanks for posting it, lovely! oh how can anyone resist of not buying any of those fresh catch of the day! awesome prawns and crabs!


  12. allie says:

    Thanks for the info. Will go and hunt for it soon :)


  13. allie says:

    Ya. That’s why we just bite the fruit off the skewers and not lick the skewers :P


  14. allie says:

    The cat is really choosing the fish leh… They got to pick the fish they like. Isn’t that a lucky cat?


  15. allie says:

    Thanks for visiting ! Do come back here more often for more food :D and perhaps some good day memory too :)


  16. allie says:

    The buyer whisper the price to the seller is due to they do not want to reveal their calling price. Is actually a way to outdo the competitor too :)


  17. So the name is there for a meaning… Pasir Bisik. Lucky cats, luckier than us.


  18. [...] our morning shooting session at Kuala Muda, we hunt around for food. Our initial plan is to go for the Yau Yue Ong Choy (cuttlefish [...]

  19. Daisy says:

    HI Allie

    Where is this Kuala Muda? Am actually looking for a good rojak sauce….

    Thx for your help :-)



  20. Daisy says:

    Hi Allie

    Since I’m in your wonderful foodie site, was wondering if you have experience any really excellent prawn crackers? THe ones that I have so far is still not satisfactory… too much flour, too little prawn taste…etc

    Hope you can recommend good ones :-)

    THx lots in advance



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