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Laksa Kelang Lama, Kulim

Whenever foodies gather together, we talk about food, food and food! We don’t just talk ok, we also have action one. :D

Right after the eating session at Noodle Station, our next target is Laksa Kelang Lama. This is a regular lunch place for those who are working at Kulim area or specifically Kulim Hi-Tech Park.

A bowl of laksa which is slightly different from Penang laksa. This one is without any pineapple in it. Laksa soup is not very spicy but with additional some bird chili which is available on top of very table, it just added enough omph into it.

I like the laksa noodle here. It’s quite QQ which is similar to the one I had at Balik Pulau.

The specialty of this place is on top of every table, there is a tupperware contain crackers which is to be dipped into laksa soup.

Another specialty here is the ice kacang. And what’s so special about that?? They actually include dried nutmeg slices into it. It definitely added some fragrant to the ice kacang. The thing that I like most is the texture of the ice. It’s so so smooth and fine.

Red beans, cincau, corn, peanuts, sago mix with brown sugar syrup and red syrup makes a good bowl of ice kacang.It’s a refreshing dessert on a hot sunny day!

To get to this place, mark this sign. Turn left as you see this sign. Drive straight in and turn left at the first junction. Go straight and turn right at your first junction.

Click here for map.

GPS co-ordinate for Laksa Kelang Lama: N 05°23.409′  E100° 34.064′


  1. hApPy HaPpY says:

    I want to try this and very soon, so near my old school….


  2. J2Kfm says:

    Those crackers are tapioca chips? or belinja (with a slight bitter tinge)?


  3. Little Inbox says:

    Very famous in Kulim, but I have not get a chance to try it although I worked in Kulim for almost 1 year.
    .-= Little Inbox´s last blog ..Ben’s Diner Restaurant =-.


  4. SimpleGirl says:

    normally in Ipoh, we dip the crispy fried fu pei in laksa…..i wish to try the nice cracker…looks really crispy also….
    .-= SimpleGirl´s last blog ..Wanton Mee@ Kheng Hai Jln Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh =-.


  5. email2me says:

    Hmmm …. The laksa still look better than the one in KL’s.
    .-= email2me´s last blog ..Oyster King at The Gardens Mid Valley Mega Mall =-.


  6. tummythoz says:

    LURRRRVEE dried nutmeg in ABCs! Yet to find any in KL. Think need to carry my own pack in my handbag!
    .-= tummythoz´s last blog ..Toilet post#32 =-.


  7. foodbin says:

    a great way to eat laksa-with crackers.
    .-= foodbin´s last blog ..CHICKEN HOT POT. =-.


  8. I’m back on 5-7th!
    Want some cakes frm KL?? ;p
    .-= thenomadGourmand´s last blog ..El Meson, Bangsar =-.


    Allie Reply:

    Thanks a lot for asking! Too bad that I’ll be away to Taiwan that period. Enjoy your Penang trip ya. Eat more Penang good food *wink*


  9. taufulou says:

    yerrr..say till so never eat would be a waste!~
    .-= taufulou´s last blog ..Tim Sum opposite KDU colleage @ Jalan Anson,Penang =-.


  10. iamthewitch says:

    Eh the chips definitely something new to me! I think maybe I’ll finish the chips even before the laksa arrives. Haha
    .-= iamthewitch´s last blog ..New Izakaya menu at ENJU, Prince Hotel =-.


  11. this is awesome looks deliciously good!


  12. the laksa looks good. and the ice kacang looks refreshing enough, i want one!!!!


  13. Steven Goh says:

    very different style from Penang one leh. no mints leave and also no prawn paste? do they cook with the curry flower too?
    .-= Steven Goh´s last blog ..Varieties of BBQ & Buffet Restaurant @ Hardwicke House, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah =-.


  14. food-4tots says:

    Looks and sounds interesting. Too bad it’s too far from my place. ;)
    .-= food-4tots´s last blog ..Simple avocado drink =-.


  15. Kulim gal says:

    I’m from Kulim..this laksa is indeed splendid! My favourite! Yes, the chips are delicious, usually i’ll have around 4-6 pieces, either mixed with laksa or just taken that way. But mind you, extra RM0.20 for each piece.

    You need a local to guide you to this house…parking is a bit difficult on a very slopy road.

    You can have the prawn paste if you request for it. Anyway, I think it’s on the table. (I usually ta-pao home.)


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