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Caffeine Attack for Coffee Lovers @ Full of Beans

Allie is back in action cos she’s being attacked by caffeine. :P
This is a MUST read post for all coffee lovers! Don’t miss this or you’ll miss out something real GOOD!

My new favourite hang out place on Friday night: Full of Beans at Straits Quay. Full of Beans provides a very relaxing environment for you to enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee. I like that they provide sofas. The environment is cozy. Since it’s located at one end of the mall, it’s very peaceful. I can laze there all day long with a cup of coffee, some macarons and a book! It’s also a great place to have a few friends get together and gossips!

Full of Beans

I like the idea of ‘open kitchen’, where you can see it live how your cup of coffee is being made. :)

My favourite coffee is Jamaican Blue Mountain with milk art. Can’t find a word to describe how good it is but the first sip, I’ve falled in love with it. It’s very smooth, with just the right amount of milk. Not too strong of coffee taste, but very fragrant. I just wish I could have this every morning… A definitely MUST TRY for coffee lovers!

Jamaican Blue Mountain

I always prefer milk coffee than black coffee. Normally my ‘by default’ Starbucks coffee is latte, black coffee is not really my taste. But when the owner introduced to us the Iced Drip Coffee, I was like ‘WOW’! This taste awesome! Just some info on Iced Drip Coffee, the coffee was produced by dripping pure ice water through blended coffee bean to get a very unique flavor of coffee which is not found in regular brewed coffee. The concentrated coffee is then stored in fridge for fermentation process which makes the coffee taste like wine! Another item which shouldn’t be missed if you are at Full of Beans.

Iced Drip Coffee

Iced Drip Coffee

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  1. NKOTB says:

    welcome back… i’d just got back not long ago. hahahaha
    and thanks for sharing on the above post. noticed this new place, but yet to step foot, not sure of the price. :)


    Allie Reply:

    NKOTB & CK,
    It’s good to be back! Seems like most of you are curious on the pricing. I think I’ll add in the menu and the price for reference to my readers :)


  2. ck lam says:

    Nice to see you back Allie! Great sharing of this new place in SQ. What are the prices like?…I love to try those macarons and Ice drip coffee :)


  3. Yh says:

    Jamaican blue mountain costs rm45? Wow!!!


  4. cariso says:

    Good to see you posting again.


  5. Wow….. should not go see this blog post. After see…… wanna go try out already. Lol….. eh should get together for coffee talk. Long time we did not meet. ^-^


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