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Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Let’s go for malay food today! There are a few malay ikan bakar (grilled fish) restaurants located opposite the Police Marine Batu Uban. It’s just located at your right hand side not long after you exit from Penang Bridge. We were just lucky to pick this restaurant (Nurul Ikan Bakar Special). It’s located at almost at the end of row. We picked it because it has the most customer at the moment comparing to others.

Nurul Ikan Bakar Special

While waiting for our dishes to be served, we ordered some chicken satay to feed our hungry stomach. RM 0.60/stick. Taste not bad but the meat is a bit dry.


Our ikan bakar had finally arrived. Fish is fresh and succulent. Chili paste not too spicy and yet taste good. Good impression for us who visited them the first time. RM25 for the fish. I feel that it’s slightly expensive.

Ikan Bakar

Stir Fried Water Convolvulus (RM4). A small portion just good for two of us. Very fragrant with shrimp paste taste.

Stir Fried Water Convolvulus

Spicy Chili Clams got the vote for dish of the day from my bf. It’s burning hot! I personally find it a little too spicy for my liking, but overall this dish goes very well with white rice.

Spicy Chili Clams

The tomyam soup is very thick with just adequate amount of spiciness and sourness.

Tomyam Soup

For the first visit, we are satisfied with the dishes as it suits our tastebud. We’ll definitely going back to try out other dishes.

Business hour: 1730-0030

Contact no: 012-562 5536



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