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Dragon Nine Restaurant

Dragon Nine Restaurant, another Hong Kong style restaurant which is located at Bellisa Row. The name of the restaurant got me assumed that it serves food as Kim Gary or Canton I, but to my surprise, it’s not. The menu consists very limited choices of dim sum but a variety of cantonese stir fried dishes.

Dragon Nine Restaurant

Dragon Nine

The interior of the restaurant is colorful. I kinda like the environment.

Dragon Nine Restaurant (Interior)

Since the variety is on the cantonese dishes, so we decided to order a few dishes with white rice. Black pepper beef comes in a small portion. Just good for two person but slightly pricey. Beef is tender coated with thick gravy, but the black pepper sauce is slightly over to the sweet side.

Black Pepper Beef

Stir fried french bean with minced pork nicely done with lots of minced pork and preserved raddish. Only one complain here, portion too little. :P

French Bean with minced pork

Szechuan Ma Po Tofu tasted average but it goes well with white rice. I prefer the tofu to be in more small pieces and slightly more spicy.

Szechuan Ma Po Tofu

Overall, all 3 dishes are pretty satisfying but comparing the portion and the price, it’s slightly over priced.



  1. NKOTB says:

    I am like Alan … have not been there yet….
    The place looks very expensive to me! :(


  2. MnYfoodtalk says:

    I have never been to Bellisa Row for quite some times. Is this a newly open restaurant?


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