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Hi, I am Allie. Here I’d like to share my dining experiences, passion in photography and travel story.

The rating that I have on the food and restaurant is based on my very own tastebud and personal liking. I am a sweet tooth person who would die for chocolate and dessert.

I started to own my very first dslr a year ago which is Nikon D60. Wedding photography, model shooting, baby shooting, event shooting are of my interest. Anyone would like to hire a cheap photographer :P

Plus, I’d also share my travel experiences for it to act as a reference for my readers.


Pulau Tikus Curry Mee

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  1. Gwen Hew says:

    Dear Allie,

    I’ve been an avid fan of your blog (
    Firstly the reason I’m writing is to ask if you’ll be interested in being
    a contributor to a magazine that is soon to be launched in KL.

    First a little bit about the magazine; we are a new addition to the free
    circulation magazine in Klang Valley targeting young urban Malaysians.
    Primarily we focus on providing inspirational articles to our readers from
    other young inspiring Malaysians both local and abroad on how they are
    making a difference with their lives.

    The reason I’m writing is to ask if you’ll be interested in being one of
    our contributors under the indulgent content section. We are looking for
    various contributors from different states in Malaysia that is passionate
    in their interest to showcase the diversity of Malaysians and its culture.
    At the same time bloggers like yourself can create more awareness to drive
    traffic into your blogs and allow others without the luxury of being able
    to read blogs enjoy reading your column and at the same time promote

    Let me know if you’re keen and we will work out the details. I am
    attaching the media kit with more detailed information on the magazine for
    your perusal. Let me know if you’ve got any questions. Hope to hear from
    you soon.



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