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Bak Kut Teh

Ki Xiang Klang Bah Kut Teh

Ki Xiang offers 2 types of bah kut teh; bah kut teh soup and dry bah kut teh. Dry bah kut teh is not very common or popular in Penang but is already common in KL. Another stall that is selling dry bah kut teh is at opposite Tesco Extra Penang.


Seong Hoe Claypot Bah Kut Teh | Penang Food

Anyone can tell me where can I get Klang Bah Kut Teh standard here in Penang? I’ve been searching for a shop which serve bah kut teh just like Klang standard, but I yet to find one.

My friend recommended Seong Hoe to me. It’s not really the Klang standard bah kut teh, but it’s able to satisfy my craving for bah kut teh. Seong Hoe is located at Paya Terubong area.


Ah Keat Bah Kut Teh | Penang Food

It’s been raining since evening. The cold and chilling weather is killing me and urge me to get something hot to warm my heart, ops should be my body. Hehe! The first thing that pop up from my mind is the TOMYAM Thai Food at Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood near weld Quay, but as usual he had another better option, bak kut teh, and I buy that option too. 

My favourite bah kut teh would be Lye Lye Bah Kut Teh at Macalister Road, but unfortunately this stall had stopped it’s operation sometime ago. Comparing to KL, the bah kut teh options here in Penang is less. I remembered my colleague once told me that there’s one nice bah kut teh stall near Chung Ling School, so off we went to try out a bah kut teh (bkt) stall which I never try before.

A hot steaming bowl of bah kut teh arrived shortly after we placed our order. There are so much steam coming from the pot, I am not able to get a clear shot on it. Any tips to get a clear shot on a hot steaming bowl of bkt?


Dry Bak Kut Teh | Penang Food

Dry Bak Kut Teh, the banner attracted me to this food court which is located opposite Tesco Extra at Sungai Dua. Dry bak kut teh (bkt) is common at KL but not in Penang.

Seong Huat foodcourt offers a wide variety of hawker food such as wantan mee, char koay teow, claypot mee, curry mee, taiwan crispy chicken and etc.

Dry Bah Kut Teh Stall 1Dry Bah Kut Teh Stall 2 Dry bkt in a claypot. There are some ladies finger in it which is rather special because the one I ate at KL doesn’t come with it. There are also some dried squid and enoki mushroom in it.

It tasted very fragrant as the stall onwer stir fried all the ingredients before put into a claypot. The whole pot of bkt is wonderfully pungent with the combination of bird chili, dried cuttlefish, thick soy sauce and dried chili.

Dry Bah Kut Teh 1 Dry Bah Kut Teh 2 Yam rice to eat with the bkt, which just tasted pretty normal. But who cares, the dry bkt goes well even with plain rice.

Yam Rice My plate of char koay teow (ckt) as I am not a fan of rice. Suprisingly, the ckt taste good. It’s not too dry and quite spicy just to my liking.

Char Koay Teow 1

I like the slightly wet version with adequate wok hei. Compare to the one I had at coffee shop opposite Peng Hwa school, that one is more to dry version yet with adequate wok hei. Both also taste good.

Char Koay Teow 2 Map for those who are not familiar:

View larger map here

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