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Dim Sum

Ipoh Dim Sum @ Yoke Fook Moon

Last Saturday, we drove to KL to watch the Manchester United Asia Tour. I am definitely not a football fan, but my bf is. We stopped by Ipoh for dim sum. We are spoilt by choices, 3 major dim sum restaurants are located at the same area which are Foh San, Yoke Fook Moon and Ming Court.

Hmm… which one to choose? I went to Foh San just before it moved to the new grand restaurant. My family and I actually feel that the dim sum don’t taste as good as before, but still the restaurant is swarming with people. Although the new Foh San restaurant looks so grand, but we finally picked Yoke Fook Moon.

Dining at Yoke Fook Moon brings back some of my childhood memory where I aged around 10 years old. My uncle (oh… I stayed with my aunt and uncle when I was small), would dragged us up at 6am and drove us to Ipoh Yoke Fook Moon for dim sum. Me with my eyes half closed would be ‘forced’ into the car. LOL

Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant outlook doesn’t stand out if compare to Foh San, but the dim sum won’t disappoint you for sure :)


Ko Fu Loft Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza | Penang Restaurant

Sorry for not updating my blog for so long. I’ve been hibernating in blogging, not sure if I’ve lost the passion in blogging or I’m too tied up with some other things. 

Anyway, my passion for good food and photography still remain :) . Does anyone realise that Food Loft in Gurney Plaza had closed down and a new restaurant Ko Fu Loft has taken over the vacant lot? Thanks to Criz, I got the opportunity to try out a wide variety of food from Ko Fu Loft. 


Dim Sum @ Fun Tea Garden (Re-visited) | Penang Food

During my trip to Hong Kong, I had tasted some delicious dim sum which the taste still linger in my mind. The most memorable one would be the taste of their siu mai. To satisfy my craving for dim sum, I paid my second visit to Fun Tea Garden as I got this RM50 cash voucher from a contest which organized by Criz.

We arrived there around 10++ am, and to my surprise most of the dim sum are sold out. The onwer of the restaurant told us that currently they are having a 50% promotion on the dim sum. The promotion starts at 7.30am. No wonder there’s so little dim sum left when we arrived there. So, the early bird gets to eat the worm, huh?

We were left to very limited choices of dim sum, so we just ordered what’s left.

The loh mai kai taste good. Previously I encountered some glutinous rice which were slightly uncooked. But they’ve improved it where the glutinous rice is very soft.

The porridge taste as good as my previous visit.

Kaya Pau and Tau Sar Pau. I like the kaya pau as it has the pandan kaya filling which is very fragrant. The filling is very generous for both pau.

Kaya Pau and Tau Sar Pau

Dim Sum | Loh Mai Kai in a Pau.

Yea. You read it correctly. It’s a loh mai kai in a pau which they called it ‘kai wo pau (???)‘. This one was featured in A Taste with Jason program.

This shop is located near IMU – International Medical University @ Sri Petaling. But it wasn’t my luck as I went there twice, both around 12pm but this pau has been sold out. But along the street there are a few dim sum restaurants selling this type of pau. As that was the last day I were at KL, it left no choice for me but to buy from another restaurant instead of the one recommended by Axian (Jason).

This is how it look like on top. See the hole on top of the pau, there you can find mushroom and salted egg yolk which is not a usual ingredient in a normal loh mai kai. At the bottom, it looks like the below. Inside there are normal ingredients we can find in loh mai kai. It tasted good. The glutinuous rice is soft with some ‘juice’ from the chicken and char siew. Yummy.
The restaurant recommended by Jason is:


This restaurant is open for breakfast and also dinner time. The ??? is sold in the morning and night as well. I should have cut this pau into half and snap a picture before I eat it. But I only thought of it when I’m almost finish with the pau. Aiyo…

Hong Kong Food | Dim Sum @ Hong Kong

Dim Sum is in my MUST try list for my HK trip. We went to the restaurant which PenangTuaPui dine in.

The dim sum is served in a restaurant named ?????. We were shocked when we stepped inside. Looks quite grand with expensive shark fins and abalone displayed at the entrance. Since we do not know an alternate place for dim sum, we decided to eat there.
The ambience of the restaurant:

The dim sum that I can’t forget is their siu mai. Although I am not a fan of siu mai, but I love the taste. It’s totally different from what I ate at KL, PG and Ipoh. Chunks of mushroom can be found inside it.

Next is egg tart. Yummy. The egg filling is so soft and not too sweet. And the pastry is very light.

This one is very nice too. But we do not know what is it. Haha! It’s looks like a cream puff but without the cream inside. It’s topped with some fine sugar while the dough is very light and soft.

Char Siew Pau. Taste good too.

Siu Long Bau. This one taste so so. Dragon-i make much better siu long bau. Hehe. After all this dish is from Shanghai right, why did I eat it at HK?? Hehe…

Char Siew Sou (Char Siew pastry).

HK Chee Cheung Fun. I purposely ordered this as I saw the uncle sitting at the next table ate it. What I saw is the Chee Cheung Fun is stuff with many ingredients. But the one I ordered had nothing inside, so it taste very plain. Yea. I ordered the wrong things. There are a few types of them. But it’s quite special as this chee cheung fun is being fried before served.

At HK, the sauce for the chee cheung fun is peanut butter sauce and another sweet sauce (which I called tim cheung in cantonese). Quite a good combination too.
Har Kau. Big prawns can be found inside. Not only one prawns but a few.

Total bill is HKD 120++.
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