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Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Let’s go for malay food today! There are a few malay ikan bakar (grilled fish) restaurants located opposite the Police Marine Batu Uban. It’s just located at your right hand side not long after you exit from Penang Bridge. We were just lucky to pick this restaurant (Nurul Ikan Bakar Special). It’s located at almost at the end of row. We picked it because it has the most customer at the moment comparing to others.

Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Inaka Japanese Restaurant

What happen when a group of foodies get together? It’ll be eat, eat and eat! It was a fun gathering where a few of us eat till our stomach were so full. This kind of gathering definitely cannot happen always, else I’ll for sure I’m gonna expand sideway. :P

Inaka Japanese Restaurant the gathering venue of that day.


Food in Xi Men Ding, Taiwan

This Chinese New Year is like any other CNY. I went back to my hometown, reunion with hometown friends and family. Everything is joy for the one whole week at hometown except for the very limited internet connection. Been missing all the blogs updates. :(

My only option to online is by using Digi gprs signal. There’s no broadband signal. Imagine the speed of the connection… It’s just 113 kbps! Oh god!

Let’s start a New Year post with something good! Upon arriving at Taipei we were greeted by cool breeze as it’s winter and it was getting dark although it’s around 5pm. We were already starving after check in to Dandy Hotel.

Since Xi Men Ding is just 10 mins away from our hotel, we decided to go to Xi Men Ding to explore the food!

Upon arriving, my aunt is so excited to see white¬†bitter gourd juice which tasted bitter with a hint of honey taste. Very good for cooling body heat but I don’t like it as I don’t fancy bitter food. ¬†:P


Lang Sae Lee – Jetty Home Cooked Thai Food

When I read about Lang Sae Lee Thai Food in Lingzie‘s blog, I vowed to go there as I love Thai food especially those very spicy which make you sweat!

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food is located by Tan’s Jetty. The dining area is actually situated at the house compound area.


Manila Place, Gurney Plaza

Birthday girl chose to have her birthday dinner at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza. Initially I suggested Chili’s hoping to give her a birthday surprise where the Chili’s Restaurant’s staff will sing her a birthday song and compliment her a birthday cake just like the Hard Rock Cafe Birthday Dinner.

But Birthday girl wanted to have light dinner and she prefer Manila Place. Well, birthday girl is the queen of the night right. So Manila Place it is.

Browsing thru the menu, I got attracted by the 100% fresh fruit juice with NO sugar added.

Birthday girl and me ordered Pineapple + guava + orange + lemon (if I remember correctly). It tasted sourish with minimal sweetness. So tasty yet healthy!

The carrot + lemon juice tasted weird :P Carrot taste does not blend with lemon.


Maa Roy Restaurant : Authentic Thai Cuisine

Looking for Authentic Thai Food in Penang? Maa Roy Thai Food Restaurant do offer a wide range of authentic thai food.


Cambodia (Siem Reap Trip) – Day 3

It’s a drizzling morning on our 3rd day at Siem Reap. Our tour guide brought us to a coffee shop which serve famous Cambodia food.

Upon seated, we saw a few delicacies ready served on the table. Those delicacies looks like our dim sum. At first I thought those are free. But then only I found out that it’s not.


Vintage Bulgaria | Penang Restaurant

15th August 09 is a memorable day to me. It’s my first time to attend Penang Floggers Gathering which was held at Vintage Bulgaria. Thanks to Alan for organizing such a successful event!

It was the 4th Penang Floggers Gathering and this time around the number of floggers have bloomed like mushroom after a rainy day.


Cambodia (Siem Reap Trip) – Day 1

I was back from a trip to Siem Reap 2 weeks ago. It was a good experiece to be able to see the ancient temples of Angkor and also the lifestyle of the people of Siem Reap.

We managed to grab some cheap air ticket from Air Asia to Siem Reap, but departure was from KL. We are lucky as we are able to grab some zero fare ticket to KL too which just cost us RM 60/pax for a 2-way trip. As for the 2-way ticket from KL – Siem Reap, it cost us RM 277 / pax.

Since we have a few hours transit at LCCT, we’ve booked Tune Hotel which is located just a few minutes away from LCCT. Since we booked the hotel during a promo period, it just cost us RM 14.00. The room is really small, just less than 1 feet distance away from the queen size bed which is located at the center of the room. But it’s a pretty good place to sleep for a few hours waiting for our flight tomorrow morning at 7am.

There’s a free bus shuttle from LCCT to Tune Hotel or you can opt for a van shuttle which cost RM 1 / pax.


Ah Basri Satay @ Sungai Ara

I’ve spotted Ah Basri Satay for quite sometime but yet to drop my foot there, but after reading Lingzie’s post I can’t wait to try it out!


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