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Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Let’s go for malay food today! There are a few malay ikan bakar (grilled fish) restaurants located opposite the Police Marine Batu Uban. It’s just located at your right hand side not long after you exit from Penang Bridge. We were just lucky to pick this restaurant (Nurul Ikan Bakar Special). It’s located at almost at the end of row. We picked it because it has the most customer at the moment comparing to others.

Nurul Ikan Bakar Special


Lang Sae Lee – Jetty Home Cooked Thai Food

When I read about Lang Sae Lee Thai Food in Lingzie‘s blog, I vowed to go there as I love Thai food especially those very spicy which make you sweat!

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food is located by Tan’s Jetty. The dining area is actually situated at the house compound area.


Maa Roy Restaurant : Authentic Thai Cuisine

Looking for Authentic Thai Food in Penang? Maa Roy Thai Food Restaurant do offer a wide range of authentic thai food.


Tom Yam Noodle @ Lip Sin | Penang Hawker Food

Lip Sin is very famous with the Super Tanker Foodcourt. But I do not like to eat at Super Tanker Foodcourt, cos I just don’t like the food there. Sometimes I was forced to lunch there as my colleagues wanted to go.

My bf created a nick for Super Tanker just for me. Super Tanker = Super Boring. No offence as it’s just me who don’t like the food there.

There one stall just by the roadside a little further away from Super Tanker (to Sunshine Lip Sin direction) selling thumbs up tomyam noodle.
Lip Sin Tom Yam Noodle Stall

See my bowl of red hot tomyam… The tomyam tasted spicy and sour. Good to have it on rainy days as it’ll warm you up. I like the minced meat which served in the tomyam. It’s marinated with the right flavour.

Lip Sin Tom Yam Noodle 1Lip Sin Tom Yam Noodle 2Koay teow teng is an alternate choice if you don’t take spicy food. The soup is sweet but it is a bit oily. It’s served with some fishball. This bowl has extra fishball added.

To my preference, Armenian Street Koay Teow Teng is more to my tastebud as the soup base is clear and sweet.

Lip Sin Koay Teow Teng 1Lip Sin Koay Teow Teng 2 Map for those who are not familiar:

Click here for larger map

Ghee Seng Tomyam Seafood @ Weld Quay | Penang Food

This place is a good choice when you are in a hurry. They serve the food fast and it’s cheap too.

The food was served within 5 mins after we placed our order. Isn’t that as fast as lightning?

We ordered tom yam fish fillet. So red in colour.

There are small pieces of fish and lots of chillies in the soup.
I don’t know what fish they use but it’s good. The meat is tender yet not too soft. But the amount is very little. Anyway, it’s just 2 of us.Stirred fried belacan kangkung. One of my favourite dish. Although it’s a simple dish, but it taste good.
This is recommended by the onwer, Chicken in basil leaves. The basil leave aroma is very light. Bird eye chili is used in this dish. Taste good too.
See the chillies in the tom yam soup. Makes you sweating man…

This restaurant is owned by a Siamese. It’s quite a unique restaurant as you can find biscuits and tibbits here.
If you were coming from Bayan Lepas by Jelutong Highway, turn right after you pass thru a traffic light. This restaurant is located on your right hand side.

This dinner only cost RM 17.00. Isn’t that cheap?

Golden Triangle @ Auto City | Penang Restaurant

This is the second time I’ve visited Golden Triangle and also the 2nd time I write this review. The first review was gone when my IE encounter a problem. I do not know why all the content disappeared. *angry*

The interior of this restaurant is quite big with a very nice and peaceful environment. Soft music playing added some spices into your dining. The lighting in this restaurant is quite dim, so it created a romantic environment :-)

We’ve ordered Asparagus Sambal, Choo Chee Fish, Pakapau NZ Mussel, Seafood Otak-Otak In Fresh Coconut, Tang Hoon Crab and Stir Fried Small Cabbage. The last dish was recommended by the waitress. She told us that this ‘small cabbage’ is a new vege.

While waiting for the dishes to be served, we were wondering on how special the small cabbage to be. Then suddenly my cousin sis said, ‘I think the small cabbage is ‘choi dam’ lar… ‘. We were like ‘Yahor!’ .. means no surprise on the new vege.

Ok. Enough of my grandma story.

First served were the asparagus and the small cabbage. The asparagus looks so red o… must be very spicy lol… Hmm… taste good leh… quite spicy and the asparagus is stir fried with a very good timing, leaving it not too soft.

As expected, the small cabbage is choi dam. It’s just a very simple dishes. But the flavour is very strong. We all feel that only these 2 veges can help us finish our white rice. Ya.. these 2 veges goes very well with the white rice. Very strong flavour.
Apologize for the blurry vision of the small cabbage. My camera just can’t focus. Time for a new camera?? The Pakapau NZ Mussels – these mussels were cooked with basil leaves and garlic. Simple ingredients but enough to bring out the aroma. Tasty one. The basil leaves aroma is not very strong, acceptable for me who don’t like basil leaves smell.
Seafood otak-otak in fresh coconuts – squids, prawns and big chunks of coconuts were found in this. Nice dish with sweet taste due to the coconut I guess. Although I don’t fancy otak-otak, but this dish is yummy.
Choo Chee Fish. This fish is deep fried and topped with Thai chili paste. The chili paste is very special. Thick gravy with creamy feeling. Seems to me coconut juice were used. Quite spicy too. The fish is crispy outside and soft inside. Taste good.

As for Tang Hoon crab, I’ve reviewed it before.

At last, dessert time. We ordered Thap Thim Krap. Thai dessert made of jackfruit and water chestnut coated with sago in coconut juice. The coconut juice is too thick for my liking. Although the bowl used is very small, but there are lots of ingredients in it.

A great dinner cost RM 225.

Thai Food @ Cherry Blossom | Penang Restaurant

Been thru a busy week. Sigh… Left my blog untouched for so long.

The first thing I did is I read all the updated blogs in my blog list first before I start blogging. hehe… Miss all the other blogs…
Cherry Blossom. Heard about this place a few months ago, but finally got to dine there. This restaurant is located in Sg. Ara. It’s quite unique as it’s a bungalow house. The environment is nice. There are 2 sections where you can sit.
We ordered Meng Kam, Seafood Tomyam, Claypot Tofu, Fried Kangkung and Mango Kerabu.
First served was Meng Kam which is one of my favourite dish in Thai food. Afterall it’s appetiser right? Just a brief explaination in case someone is not familiar with this dish. Hmm… mm… mm… I also dunno how to explain. *paiseh*
From the picture, you can spot that there are 9 ingredients in this dish. The ingredients are peanuts, grated coconut, chili, dried shrimps, onion, lime, ginger, sauce and one kind of leaf.
The way to eat this dish is make the leaf (I am not sure what kind of leaf) into a cone shape. Then put all the ingredients into the leaf and put some sauce on top of it. I put everything except onion cos I don’t like onion. I like the grated coconut most. My favourite is to make my serving be floaded with sauce. Then you will experience spicy, sweet, sour etc taste in your mouthg. Yummy!

Seafood Tomyam. The serving method is very unique. See there are 2 part of the pot. Only the top part is filled with tom yam. The portion is quite small for 4 person. Taste wise. Good. Spicy and sour enough. But there are very few seafood in the soup.

Once the claypot tofu served on the table, the fragant smell attacked our nose. Hehe. Or maybe we are too hungry? Anyway, the tofu taste very nice. Lots of gravvy and vege.
Kerabu Mango. It has some onion and dried shrimps in it. The dried shrimps are coated with some sugar. Goes well with the kerabu. But overall the kerabu is slightly dry.
Fried Kangkong. Just normal. But it is also topped with dried shrimps which is slightly sweet. Appetising
Lastly, the dessert. This is also one of my favourite food in Thai food. It’s some ice with santan served with jackfruit and water chestnut. But this one taste so so.
Overall the food taste good. Total bill is RM71.50. Quite reasonable.

Golden Triangle @ Queensbay | Penang Restaurant

Went to dine at Golden Triangle 2 days ago. This is a Indochine Restaurant where it served Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian cuisine. The environment is nice.

We ordered one dish from each cuisine. We order this Claypot Tang Hoon Crabs – Thai, Nam Prik Kai (Fried Minced Chicken with Lemongrass) – Laotian and Muc Nhoi Stuffed Squid – Vietanamese. At first wanna order the tapioca dessert recommended in LingZie’s Tummy Treats ( but to my disappointment the dessert was not available on that day. *sob*

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