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Manila Place, Gurney Plaza

Birthday girl chose to have her birthday dinner at Manila Place, Gurney Plaza. Initially I suggested Chili’s hoping to give her a birthday surprise where the Chili’s Restaurant’s staff will sing her a birthday song and compliment her a birthday cake just like the Hard Rock Cafe Birthday Dinner.

But Birthday girl wanted to have light dinner and she prefer Manila Place. Well, birthday girl is the queen of the night right. So Manila Place it is.

Browsing thru the menu, I got attracted by the 100% fresh fruit juice with NO sugar added.

Birthday girl and me ordered Pineapple + guava + orange + lemon (if I remember correctly). It tasted sourish with minimal sweetness. So tasty yet healthy!

The carrot + lemon juice tasted weird :P Carrot taste does not blend with lemon.


Smocky Jack (Re-visited) | Penang Restaurant

My first visit to Smoky Jack was a pleasent one. The set lunch in their menu attracted me, and I went back for their set lunch with my buddies. But this encounter is not as pleasent as the first one though. I’ll talk about it later in the end of the post. Let’s talk about food first. 

Smoky Jack offers 3 categories of set lunch; Set A: RM 15.80++, Set B: RM18.80++ and Set C: RM 25.80 – Rm 28.80. Their set lunch comes with either soup of the day or salad and dessert. There’s no drink comes together with their set lunch though. 

Complimentary bread which tasted good. 


Smoky Jack (Ribs & Steak House) | Penang Restaurant

There’s a newly opened restaurant in town which adopt the ‘theme’ design. Theme based design restaurant is blooming around us. It’s kind of like ‘life after end of world + outer space‘ theme to me.

From the exterior, you’ll see a lot of tree branches ‘growing’ out from the restaurant. CreepY?

This restaurant is located at Upper Penang Road just beside Segafredo. No problem to locate this restaurant right. Anyway, as usual I’ll post a link of the map to it at the end of the post. So, no worry ya :)

Let’s talk about food before I proceed with the interior environment. When we entered the restaurant that Friday night, the restaurant was quite packed with customers. And we noticed that there’s a few tables were put under reservation. We were seated in a table which is suppose to cater for 4 person. Since the tables for 2 are fully occupied, it left us no choice.


Fettes Park Western Food ; Penang Food

“Let me bring you to a special place for dinner tonight”. This is what my bf told me before we departed to dinner that night.

Soon, we arrived at our destination. It’s the Fettes Park Western Food. Then I start to complain d lor… “Aiyo.. what’s so special about this place?” After all, it just look like any other western food eating outlet. My bf said, ‘be patient okie’.

The first part of the interior of the restaurant.


Ribs – Thumbs up except… | Penang Restaurant

It was raining cats and dogs that Friday night and we were hunting for dinner. Our planning was Miyako Izakaya which was located at Penang Road but the parking is not convenient at all. I’m sure we’ll be drench in that heavy rain. So, changed plan again.

Round and round we went, and we came to Ribs. There’s a spot for parking just right outside the restaurant, so we delay no more and decided to dine there.

Once we got our car parked, there’s a waiter came out with umbrella to guide us into the restaurant without getting wet. OMG! Good impression.

Once we are seated in the non-smoking area, the waiter produced us with menu. He showed his uttermost good manner when he served us all the way through our dinner. Good impression again!

To avoid being stuffed until too full, we decided to order one appetizer, one main course and one drink to share among 2 of us.

Quesadillas – very hard to pronouce. It’s a thin crust pastry stuffed with some cheese, tomato, lettuce and ham. It tasted so appetizing and it’s packed with all those ingredients. Yummy dish!

Quesadillas 1

Quesadillas 2

We ordered a combo of BBQ ribs and chicken as our main course. It contain 3 pcs of ribs and 1 pcs of drumstick. The ribs is very tender and the BBQ sauce taste just right. I prefer the ribs and then chicken.
BBQ Chicken and Chicken Combo

Ice blended cappuccino – Taste good. Coffee taste is thick enough.

Ice blended cappuccino

After the main course, my mouth is icthy for dessert. Hehe… At first I planned to order a moist chocolate cake, but the waiter recommend Medley of Desserts to us. According to him, there are 3 types of desserts in this Medley thing.

When the dessert was served, I was shocked to see the size of it. It was like the food served in Alice in Wonderland. So tiny.

Dessert 1Forgot the name for this. But taste bad. The egg is so hard.

Dessert 2

A mini version of the moist chocolate cake. It’s just one mouthful big. Another surprise for me when I put the cake into my mouth. It tasted warm… I think they must have preheat the cake in a oven before it was served. The cake is hard. Taste bad again.
moist chocolate cake

Lastly, it’s a sago gula melaka dessert. But I can’t recall the exact name of it. There are 3 layers in this dessert, vanilla ice-cream, gula melaka and sago (from top to bottom). The opening of the ‘tube’ is so small that you can’t even dig the small spoon into it. End up we need to pour the sago out. Taste wise- *thumbs down*

sago gula melaka dessert The desserts was disaster!
p/s: UOB credit card member can get a 10% discount off the ala carte meal.

100% rebate @ Swensen | Penang Restaurant

The 100% rebate sound interesting rite? You can get this at Swensen Queensbay. Pretty attractive promotions which lasts till 30th November. This promo only valid from Monday to Thursday.

We ordered one set dinner and one Ala ca rte.
Prawn dipper is one of the choices of appetizer of the set dinner. The size of the prawn dipper is quite small. Don’t get cheated by my picture ya. hehehe

Although the size is tiny but the taste is good. Bits of prawn can be found inside.
BBQ half chicken was served with baked potato and vegetables. The chicken taste good, but when it come to breast, the meat is slightly dry. The served pumpkin as one of the vegetable, which is something new to me. Or they are running out of carrots? hehe…

Grilled fish with sambal. When I ordered this, I thought the fish would be topped with sambal then being grilled. But when the dish arrived, the sambal is served separately.

Anyway, it’s a very delicious dish. The fish is slightly crispy on top and very tender and juicy inside. Even without dipping it into the sambal, it tasted so good.

A single scoop of vanilla ice-cream is the dessert for the set dinner. The ice cream is top with a layer of frozen chocolate.

It’s dessert time. I ordered sticky chewy chocolate. This is very interesting for a chocolate fan like myself. Very thick chocolate flavour ice cream with some chocolate chip on top. Everything is chocolate. Even the cherry and the waffle is coated with chocolate.
We’ve spend Rm75++ for the dinner. Thus we got RM70 cash voucher which we can use during our next visits.

Breeks Cafe | Penang Restaurant

It has been 3 yrs since the last time I’ve visited Breeks Cafe @ Gurney Plaza. I only remember one thing about it which is the serving portion is very big.

This time I visited the branch at Qbay. It was Friday night and not much people were sitting in the cafe.

We ordered 2 main course and one drink which is Goldilock Freeze. It’s a mock cocktail which means no alcohol. It tasted like mango yogurt to me with some jelly thingy inside it.

I ordered Baked Dory glazed with Lime Chili Sauce. This is available in a set (come with a soup). The price is even cheaper by RM1 compare to the ala carte. So, I’ve ordered the set instead of ala carte. As for ala carte, a scoop of ice cream will be given as a complimentary.

The serving size is very big consist of a big piece of dory fish and a medium portion of spaghetti with some vegetables. It’s less oily which is a very healthy dish. The fish is very tender with no fishy smell. As spelled in the dish name, lime chilli sauce were used. This make the fish very appetising.

As for BBQ Half Chicken with Smoked BBQ Sauce, this is only available in ala carte. The half chicken is served with some butter rice and garden salad. This taste is okay. The breast meat is too dry to me even though I like breast meat.
The soup was served last. Hmm.. weird.. I suppose the soup should be served first? It’s just a normal borsch soup. I thought they would serve cream soup. This soup taste normal only. Anyway, it’s free. Hehe

Swensen | Penang Restaurant

Swensen – one of my favourite place for ice-creams. As this visit is tea time purpose, we didn’t ordered much.

We ordered 2 finger foods and 2 ice-creams.
Rodeo chicken wings. This one tasted like ayamas brand spicy chicken wings. But it was topped with some special sauce.

Fun fries. I luv this fries as it’s very thick. It’s served with 2 sauces which is BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.
Chocolate Frosted Malt. This flavour is recommended by my fren, YH. Wow! It tasted great! There are some choco chips and choco balls on top of it. At the bottom (see the white colour thingy), it’s malt. I was wondering… Malt suppose to be brownish in colour?

I ordered mango madness. Mango flavour ice-cream topped with strawberry, mango syrup and cream. This ice-cream is simple yet tasty. Rich in mango flavour.

p/s: why is the picture I’ve taken is yellowish? Any advice for me?

Paddington House of Pancakes

Everytime I pass this restaurant when I go shopping at Queensbay Mall, the thing that always popped up in my mind is “pancake as main course”? Wouldn’t the taste be so weird. I always feel that pancake should be serve as dessert – sweet sweet pancake. Therefore, I never thought to dine at this restaurant.

But, after I read the food blog regarding the food in Paddington house in Lingzie Tummy Treats (, I decided to give it a try. As usual, we go to Qbay Mall for shopping. And always end up with the same problem which is we can’t figure out what to eat. Suddenly thought of Paddington House of Pancakes, so we decided to give it a try.

First glance at the menu, the price for the food is quite expensive. There are so many choices which I can’t make up my mind which one to choose. End up, we decided to choose one main course and one dessert pancake. We order the one with gourment sausage as recommended by Lingzie and another is … pancake with banana and ice-cream. I forgot the name of the dish.

First came the sausage. Smell so tasty :-) It’s served with hash potato & chicken ham.
I dig my knife into the sausage. Wow! Melting cheese was oozing from the sausage. It was so tasty. The pancake taste like bread fried with eggs. The pancake alone taste normal to me but the sausage taste very good!

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