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Coconut Jelly ; Desserts

Found something great to cool down myself on a hot sunny day. I found this stall sometime back after my breakfast at Kheng Pin Cafe. I had some lor bak that day and it caused dryness to my throat. My throat felt so uneasy that I were thinking to get lor han guo drink at Cecil Street Market to sooth my throat.

On our way to Cecil Street Market, we passed by this stall and I got attracted by the fridge that stood outside this stall. Penang Coconut Jelly – this is what attracted me. Coconut drink is a great way to cool down the heat. Coconut + jelly would be so cooling and refreshing.


Loh Han Guo Drink | Penang Dessert


Recently the weather is so hot and I’m stuffing myself with too much fried and grilled stuffs. End up I am having a sorethroat.

Wouldn’t it be excellent to have something chilling and cooling to run down your throat in a hot sunny day?

Let me introduce to you the ‘loh han guo in a bowl’ at 7th road market aka 7 tiao lor ban san.

Loh Han Guo Stall

Loh han guo in a bowl which cost RM 2 per bowl is an execellent thrist quencher in a hot sunny day. Loh Han Guo 1The loh han guo drink consist of some dried longan, canned longan, canned lychee and some jelly strips. This loh han guo drink is not too sweet and cold enough to sooth your throat.
Loh Han Guo 2

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